Westport's own Walrus Alley Signature Smoked Buffalo Chicken Dip Recipe is a Super Bowl Touchdown!

Tailgating at home for the big game? This dip is better than any touchdown! 

Super Bowl is less than two weeks away, and what better way to celebrate the big game than with the perfect game day food?

Westport’s very own, Walrus Alley, a southern-inspired, family-owned restaurant offers up their Signature Smoked Buffalo Chicken Dip recipe to make for the big game. 

Walrus’ Signature Smoked Buffalo Chicken Dip

2 lbs boneless skinless chicken thighs

10 cups water

½ cup brown sugar

¼ cup salt

1 tablespoon red pepper flakes

8 oz cream cheese

1 cup sour cream

2 cups shredded sharp cheddar

½ cup hot sauce (franks)

½ cup blue cheese crumbles


1.) The night before, simmer the water, salt, and sugar until solids have dissolved

2.) Add red pepper flakes, and allow to cool  

3.) Once cool, add in chicken thighs and refrigerate overnight

4.) Soak apple wood chips in water with a splash of cider vinegar overnight

5.) Preheat smoker to 250 degrees then add drained chicken thighs and smoke for 2 hours, to an internal temperature of 190 degrees

6.) Preheat oven to 350

7.) In a stand mixer, with the paddle attachment, whip the cream cheese for 5 minutes

8.) Add sour cream, cheddar, and hot sauce, combining on medium speed

9.) Add in smoked chicken thighs, shredding the chicken evenly

10.) Transfer to a 12 inch cast iron or similar vessel, top with blue cheese crumbles

11.) Bake for 25 minutes until bubbly and the cheese is melted

12.) Top with sliced scallions

If smoking is not an option, simply bake your brined chicken until an internal temperature of 190 degrees is reached.

Not interested in cooking? Check out Walrus Alley’s catering menu here.



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