LIFEWTR gave an emerging NYC artist worldly recognition

It's very exciting to see people holding my artwork in their hands. I think it's great that LIFEWTR is supporting emerging artists and designers because, in the beginning, it's very hard to find people who believe in your mission

 - Tiffany Huang

HamletHub has been presenting our readers with a series of engaging and empowering videos from LIFEWTR, a bottled water that uses every bottle to showcase new and emerging artists.

LIFEWTR’s Series 3 turns its focus to fashion and celebrates the designs of three talented emerging designers who bring their creative visions to life through incredible outfits.

Meet Tiffany Huang, a Taiwanese designer born in the USA with a specialization in sustainable/conscious textiles.

In partnership with the Council of Fashion Designers of America (CFDA), this series explores the different ways in which fashion is its own unique form of art.

Watch this video and quench your thirst for inspiration.

Learn more about LIFEWTR here.



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