Grant Empowers HCC Students With Vocational Opportunities

The Frederick A. DeLuca Foundation recently awarded a champion grant to the Housatonic Community College Foundation (HCCF), empowering students to pursue vocational education and training, and putting them on a path to rewarding and fulfilling careers.

Through Housatonic Community College’s (HCC) Professional Studies Institute (PSI), students have a wide variety of career-oriented programming, certificates, course and professional development activities. Students enrolled in these programs seek skills, experience and knowledge that directly leads to employment. This grant provides access to those possibilities for students with limited resources.

“The Frederick A DeLuca Foundation, Inc. supports educational programs that empower youth and adults to live healthy, productive, and economically self-sufficient lives,” said the organization. “We recognize the valuable contribution that Housatonic Community College brings to the region by offering a wide variety of affordable post-secondary educational opportunities. They provide motivated students with a pathway to earn technical skills and credentials that will prepare them for employment in a meaningful career. We are proud to partner with Housatonic Community College to ensure that students have the resources they need to stand out in today’s workforce and pursue their dream jobs.”

HCC’s PSI programs incorporate a high-touch approach to student success. Each student is assigned a coach to ensure they are successful in the program, and also to provide them with important soft skills that are essential in the workplace. Students also must participate in an internship or clinical work.

“This grant recognizes the life-changing opportunities that HCC’s vocational training provides for its students, and the impact that our education has on developing a better-trained workforce for our entire region,” said Kristy Jelenik, Executive Director of HCCF. “On behalf of the foundation and our hard-working and deserving students, we thank The Frederick A DeLuca Foundation for this generous investment and ongoing support.”

Through private donations, the Housatonic Community College Foundation scholarships provide access to a quality education for students with proven academic performance and demonstrated financial need. During the 2018-2019 academic year, the foundation awarded scholarship funds to nearly 1,000 students, allowing them to engage and excel in the classroom, and empowering them to build a better future for themselves and their families. To learn more about the foundation and how you can support financially struggling scholars, visit www.housatonic.edu or call 203-332-5078.


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