Beverley Blass Certified Colon Hydrotherapist Opens Second Connecticut Office in Fairfield

Beverley Blass, one of the only certified colon hydrotherapists in Southern Connecticut, and integrative intuitive therapist, with 35-years of experience helping thousands of celebrities, athletes, executives, and health conscious individuals and providers to achieve optimal health and well-being, has today announced the opening of her second Connecticut office due to increasing demand at The Integrated Health Center at 2324 Post Road in Fairfield, Connecticut. Blass has been serving clients in Fairfield & Westchester Counties for more than a decade.  

“Based on my many years working in New York City and West Hartford, there is an increasing consciousness and interest around the benefits of naturopathic, holistic health modalities in Fairfield County, particularly with its proximity to
New York,” Blass said. As an integrative intuitive healer, Blass’s programs focus on detoxification to nourish and heal the brain, heart and gut, using colon hydrotherapy, balanced nutrition featuring water fasting, whole plant-based foods, and intuitive healing therapy to heal childhood trauma and life issues to achieve optimal health and attunement. Her programs integrate the three brains: your mind brain, your heart (brain) and your gut (brain).

According to Pramila Vishvanath Naturopathic Doctor, and founder of Integrated Health Center in Fairfield, “Beverley’s international reputation and impressive certified holistic healing credentials in the colon hydrotherapy industry confirmed my interest in having her take over my colon hydrotherapy practice.” Dr. Pram added, “I have been serving clients using colon hydrotherapy as part of my proprietary detoxification and deep tissue cleanse for more than 30 years. I am confident that Beverley will be warmly welcomed into the holistic healing community here.” Blass added, “Dr. Pram has built an exceptional reputation among her patients and peers as one of the region’s leading Naturopathic Doctors. I am honored to be her first choice to take over her colon hydrotherapy practice.”

Blass’s certified colon hydrotherapy work has been further validated by The National Institute of Health that launched the Human Microbiome Project more than a decade ago (mind, body, gut connection) which was inspired by the Human Genome Project. In 2012, a landmark paper was published in the prestigious science journal Nature detailing the microbiome, revealing that the microbiome influences overall health in immeasurable ways. In addition to being an internationally sought-after speaker, Blass wrote the Foreword to Dr. Stephen Holt’s (MD, PhD, DSc, LLD) book The Definitive Guide to Colon Hydrotherapy.: Principles and Practice of Colonic Irrigation. Dr. Holt is one of the world’s foremost experts on colon health.

Originally from Scotland, Blass moved to the United States in 1976. “As a young woman in my twenties, I was diagnosed with a potentially terminal autoimmune disease and was determined to heal myself naturally,” Blass said. “Shortly after my diagnosis, I was led to the late Dr. H. Baum, a 92-year-old Naturopathic Doctor in New York City. He taught me to how to connect to my inner knowing and the deepest part of myself through regular colonics, water fasting, massage, and a strictly vegan diet.” Beverley credits the late Dr. H. Baum with not only saving her life, but also leading her to a career of “paying if forward,” by teaching about the importance of gut health and the mind-body connection.”

In 1984, Blass opened her holistic healing Center which was one of New York City’s first colon hydrotherapy and massage therapy practices. She expanded her Center to include body work, homeopathy, chiropractic, body wraps and sauna. In 1990 added a Doula service, childbirth education and pregnancy fitness classes, and partnered with a medical doctor to create programs through 2010. In 2010, Blass opened an additional holistic healing Center in West Hartford, initially with a Naturopathic Doctor, and launched a successful intuitive healing practice and teaching affiliation with The Hartford Family Institute (HFI) after graduating from HFI’s Professional Training program.

In addition to being a premier certified colon hydrotherapist, Beverley has been a certified Colon Hydrotherapy Instructor through I-ACT The International Association for Colon Hydrotherapy for 15 years. She currently serves as I-ACT’s President Emeritus and has been an active Board member, Speaker Chair, and Co-Chair of the Senior Education Committee setting curriculum and levels of education for colon hydrotherapists worldwide. Beverley is poised to take on the role of Executive Director of I-ACT in the near future.

For more information please visit: https://beverleyblass.com.


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