UConn Bio Major Makes 100+ Face Masks for Med Students & Healthcare Workers

Fairfield County, CT - When you're a biology major at a local university that shut it's doors to in-person classes and you have a little time on your hands, what do you do? In Shivani Doshi's case, you make face masks. And a LOT of them! In fact, the senior has made over 100 of them, hand sewing each, and with a Huskies mascot design. Where do they go when she has completed them? She donates them to UConn medical school residents and other healthcare workers.

Says Shivani, "I wanted to donate to others in need in our community." She hoped that by sharing her story with Fairfield HamletHub that other parties that need masks would let her know. To that regard, you can comment on this article and she'll be in touch.


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