Staples High School Student Creates Fundraiser to Help Special Needs Soccer Players

Scoring for TOPSoccer

Bruno Guiduli, a junior at Staples High School and an honor student, has created a fundraiser that he calls “Scoring for TOPSoccer,” to benefit special needs soccer players in Connecticut.

Bruno, who plays for both his high school team and Beachside Premier Soccer Club and is also a certified soccer referee, created a fundraiser where he is shooting goals over the next several months at his home from 10 yards away into a custom-made goal that says “TOP Soccer.” The opening of the goal is in the word “TOP,” where the letter “O” is cut out and is only 18” in diameter. Bruno’s objective is to create awareness and support for special needs soccer in Connecticut.

Bruno has set up a Facebook page where he posts videos and photos so that supporters can follow his progress. Here is the link to his Facebook page “Scoring for TOPSoccer, Bruno’s Fundraiser”: https://www.facebook.com/brunocguiduli/?ref=page_internal

Additionally, Bruno has set up a GoFundMe page for supporters to donate to his fundraiser for special needs soccer where all proceeds go to TOPSoccer: https://gf.me/u/y4c2i9

Bruno says, “For me, soccer has been a source of competition, challenge and discipline. Soccer has taught me the value of teamwork and reaching a goal (no pun intended) so I want to help kids of differing abilities reach their goals and experience a similar love for the beautiful game as I do every day.”

TOPSoccer is a community-based training program for all athletes with intellectual, emotional, and/or physical disabilities. The program strives to provide soccer opportunities for players to develop at their own pace in a safe, fun and nurturing environment.

As Bruno says, “I want to turn the challenges of 2020 into something positive even in this time of social distancing when many soccer programs have been delayed. I want to help special needs players be able to participate so that when life returns back to normal, no one is turned away due to financial challenges.”


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