Creativity Connects Westport: Meet Pam Einarsen, Lifestyle Photographer, Local Creative, Community Advocate

Creativity Connects Westport

What fuels a vibrant, connected and creative community? What makes people feel good about living in Westport?

When locals share the creativity that they uncover in the nooks and crannies of their community it brings about connectivity and makes us all feel good. Believe it or not, you discover creativity every day as you walk, shop, work, and play in Westport? 

Creativity connects us.

Meet Pam Einarsen, an award-winning fine art lifestyle photographer.

Is there an organization in town that makes you feel good?

The Westport Library has made me feel good for years. I used to take my two boys there when they were little and we would sit on the floor between the bookshelves and read books together. As my boys have grown up, the library has supported them in their film-making endeavors. And for me, I have attended many book related lectures by outstanding authors and I have photographed their Booked for the Evening event for years. Always inspirational, informative and often, outside the box.

Where do you go for inspiration and creativity?

I walk most mornings and my favorite walk is along the river on the path off Riverside Avenue. Since I walk it in all different seasons, it is always different. I see swans and ducks and hawks and other birds and remarkable schools of fish and the rowers out when it is warm enough. I like that the walk is the same, but what I see is always different.

What do you love about your community?

I love the many options that the town has for nature and the outdoors. Over the years, spending time at Compo, Old Mill and Burying Hill Beaches has been so wonderful. They have been places for the kids to play, to walk the dog, and to have family and friend gatherings. Feel so lucky!

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