Westport Author Unveils Debut Novel on April 23 at Byrd's Books

On Sunday, April 23rd at 4:00 pm, join Bethel’ Byrd’s Books for the book launch of Westport author Gabi Coatsworth's debut novel, "A Beginner's Guide to Starting Over". 

This “charming, “warm-hearted story” (author Pamela Stockwell) is about second chances, of how you can have one even though you think you don’t want one.

The book introduces the widow Molly Stevenson as she realizes it’s time to stand on her own two feet. With blind dates, a needy ghost, and her small-town bookstore in trouble, she's going to need all her inner strength to prevent another unhappy ending. Forty-something Molly can't bear to remove her wedding band. Still grieving the death of her beloved husband, the last thing she needs is her sleazy landlord raising the rent to drive her bookshop out of business. And she doesn't need a new man, either.

About herself, the British-born author notes, “Unlike many writers, I can’t write in coffee shops because they’re too distracting, and I only drink coffee as a last resort. I live in a cottage that’s American on the outside and English inside. If I'm not reading, writing, or traveling, you'll find me in my flower garden, holding a cup of my preferred beverage, strong English tea, and wondering whether to do some weeding.” Byrd’s Books’ owner highly recommends a read: “It’s a good one,” she says. 


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