The Buzz About Connecticut's All-Inclusive Adventure Getaway

What’s all of the buzz about Club Getaway? Read the testimonials below:

This all-inclusive sports and adventure camp in the Berkshire Mountains of Kent, CT, has everything from yoga to water skiing. One especially popular activity with campers is jumping on (and diving from) the floating trampoline…


Everyone should head to Club Getaway at least once. It will make you feel like a kid again, and you’ll get to meet a lot of great people while you’re at it...

–Wanderlust in the City

The best part of Club Getaway is that it offers all the amazing activities and sports of camp with absolutely no rules. Participants can choose which activities they attend, whom they talk to, what they wear, etc.


Club Getaway, thanks for the memories, giving me back my faith in the possibility, and allowing me to relax and just simply let go of having everything all figured out, at least for a weekend!

‘SCANDAL’ star Katie Lowes had the coolest wedding you’ve never seen. An entire weekend of camp-themed wedding activities including a talent show, color wars, watersports, dancing and, well, an actual wedding…

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–The Huffington Post

With the backdrop of sprawling 300 acres overlooking a sparkling lake in the Berkshire Mountains of Kent, Connecticut, Club Getaway Family Camp provides families all of the natural and manmade resources necessary to create memories that last a lifetime.

David Schrieber, the co-founder of the Club Getaway who owns and operates the land of not make believe with his wife, Gayle says, “Put all devices on airport-mode and head for the hills. Whether your squad is made up of 3 or 30, come play at Club Getaway for an all-ages adventure you’ll never forget. Run around, race, jump in a lake, there’s nothing like playing with your kids across our 300 acres of adventure excitement.”

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