Westport's Whip Salon announces 3 HOT beauty trends here to stay in 2019

3 HOT beauty trends here to stay in 2019

You LOVE your Balayage

The term "balayage" really hit the mainstream last year. It's just a fancy term (French mais oui)meaning "painted." Balayage is a highlight that adds low maintence dimension that creates a fuller look and is great for ombre (darker near the root, lighter on the ends). Our colorist stay current on all of balayage trends and would love to consult with you if you've been thinking of giving it a try.

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Microblading is Catching On

 Whether you're worried about thinning brows after years of plucking or just want to amp up what you've already got, microblading is a key trend that is settling in for the long haul. Whip Salon has a resident microblading expert that has developed a following in NY and is now bringing her expertise to Westport. Microblading Specialist Carolina studied in California in the very backyard where the trend first started to explode. Come in for a free consultation with her and she'll help you develop the "fluffies of your dreams." 

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For Lashing Out Loud

Eyelash Extensions were a HUGE hit in 2018! Can you say LASH OBESSESED?! Lash Extension Artist Cathy has more than 9 years of experience with eyelash extensions. She offers three levels of volume and countless (yes countless!) shapes and sizes of lashes. She'll create a look that's right for you - but be warned - you may be addicted after the first session. 

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