Whip Salon is Color Obesssed, And You Can Be Too!

Color Obsession at Whip Salon Westport

Come on! Color your hair a crazy color, you just might LOVE IT!

Have you noticed how mainstream those eye-catching vivid hair colors are becoming? Aqua, violet, hot pink, emerald green -- anything goes! We asked Danielle, Whip Salon's color expert of vivid colors, all the burning questions when you're considering a non-traditional color. Maybe you could make a change right on time for Halloween...so dare to be different, you just might LOVE IT.

Question: If I go from blonde to a fun vivid color like blue or hot pink, will I compromise the integrity of my hair? Or can I safely reverse the effects?

Danielle @whipsalon Westport: No, your hair will not be damaged because the direct dye products we use at Whip Salon are super conditioning. So if you’re naturally light blonde, we can apply directly to your natural hair. It will safely wash out of your hair over 6-8 weeks depending on how often you shampoo. 

Question: Is upkeep different for bright colors? Do I have to use a special shampoo or conditioner?

Danielle @whipsalon Westport: Yes, reducing the number of times you’re shampooing your hair to only once or twice a week is suggested, as well as using COLD water when doing so. Also, a sulfate-free shampoos and conditioners strongly recommended such as Davines Minu or Davines Love which we carry at the salon. I also recommend the Brazilian Bond Builder Ionic Color Lock Spray which you can apply after you shampoo and condition because it helps to lock in your color and protects against color transfer and UV fading. 

Question: How often will I need to get it recolored to keep it looking bright?

Danielle @whipsalon Westport: Vivid colors are not like a typical highlight or single process because it is a different kind of service. Direct dyes sit on top of your hair which is why it washes out and isn't as damaging. For vivid upkeep, 6-8 weeks is usual, for pastels, 2-3 weeks. 

Question: Can I achieve a bright fashion color even if I'm a brunette?

Danielle @whipsalon Westport: Yes you can! However, a lightning service beforehand is usually needed and can take a few hours depending on where you are starting from. Booking a consultation to discuss your goals will determine what will be needed for your particular hair. 

Question: Does the appointment take longer than just regular highlights?

Danielle @whipsalon Westport: Depending on your goals it may take longer. The lighter and brighter you would like your hair will decide that! But sometimes a subtle kiss of color is just what you need so “glazing” a pulp riot color over existing highlights would only take an additional 10 minutes.

Interested in giving it a try? Call Whip Salon to book with our color experts at 678-WHIPPED or email  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


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