Middle School at RA: Learning How to Learn, Open House Nov. 2

Grades 6-8 Students Learn How to Learn at RA

Middle School is a pivotal time in a child’s life. These formative years set the foundation for who a child will become, emotionally and intellectually. Our Grades 6-8 program is a truly comprehensive educational experience, designed specifically to develop the whole child, and is delivered by faculty who understand and celebrate this developmental stage in a child’s life. Their great passion is knowing their students as individuals within our vibrant community.

Our students engage in forward-thinking, lifeworthy educational experiences that develop essential critical thinking, reading, writing, and public speaking skills. Our dynamic teachers encourage risk-taking and nurture the collaborative, creative, and leadership skills that are in demand. And yet, old-fashioned kindness informs who we are and what we do as a community. Students rise to their authentic selves and have the self-assuredness to not just ask “Why?” but to ask “Why not?” They graduate prepared for success in even the most challenging high school programs and beyond.

We understand how middle schoolers learn and we find it very exciting!

K-8 By Design

The continuity of our K-8 model provides a safe place away from the distractions and pressures of high school so that students develop self-esteem as they meet challenges and become confident role models who contribute to their athletic teams, peers, and communities.

Intentionally Connected Learning

A child’s body and mind develop more rapidly during early adolescence than at any other stage other than the first two years of life. Guided by our Center for Innovative Teaching and Learning, we intentionally design interdisciplinary educational experiences that speak directly to the experience of a middle schooler using themes such as “change.” Learning that is not siloed, but intentionally relational allows students to make connections, consider multiple perspectives, and deepen their understanding.

Learning How to Learn

Too often students are given information, instructions, and objectives, and then receive grades without ever being asked to think about learning. We believe education is more than a series of tests and a body of knowledge to memorize. At a time when students are becoming aware of their own thoughts and those of others, RA MS students learn how to construct well-written essays, advocate for their ideas around a Harkness table, and through our public speaking program, deliver remarks with confidence and poise. They learn how to learn in a joyful and engaging academic environment and in the context of supportive and caring relationships with their teachers and peers.

Leadership and Independence

Our teachers partner with our students while respecting their heightened need for independence. We trust our middle schoolers to problem-solve and to lead. They are provided with many opportunities, from Service Learning, to partnering with their Kindergarten buddies, so that they may exercise these skills and become active change agents.

Authentically Self-Assured Students

Individualized instruction allows students to take risks, question the world around them, and become strong, independent thinkers. Our Middle School students blossom as hidden talents unfold and confidence grows through participation in one of our 14 different sports teams, electives, technology, band, drama, chorus, visual and digital arts. Students are taught to become allies to those who need help and our Wellness Program provides them with information they need to build healthy relationships, make sound decisions, and have a positive self-image.

RA students are challenged to pursue excellence in all of their endeavors. They do so with the support of dynamic teachers and a kind community. They learn how to learn and as they discover the world, they discover themselves. They graduate as authentically self-assured students prepared for success in even the most challenging high school programs and beyond.

Attend our Nov. 2 Open House for students entering Grades 4-8. Parents can enjoy learning about our Middle School program, meeting administrators and touring RA’s facilities. Students will take part in an aerodynamic design project in our beautiful makerspace. After learning about flight, students create a cardboard flyer, and shape it on a laser cutter. Set a new flight record as we test all the flyers!

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