Why Small Businesses Matter in Westport (Reimagined): Joyce Colburn Therapy

Why Small Businesses Matter Reimagined

Small businesses matter - now more than ever. They are answering the call with innovation and determination like never before.

We hope you join us in supporting them by sharing their story far and wide and shopping local! We are thankful to Fairfield County Bank for their continued support and making this series possible.

Three questions with Joyce Colburn, founder of Joyce Colburn Therapy.


What do you want the community to know? Are there ways for the community to help you and other local businesses to prosper?

I've been a therapist in Westport for over 20 years (and a resident for much longer) helping hundreds of clients deal with depression (including postpartum), anxiety, marital and family issues, career and life transitions, pre-teen and adolescent issues (for both children and parents), and issues concerning the elderly, among others. I also treat alcohol and drug abuse and post-traumatic stress (PTSD). These issues are more common than people think, and it's normal to experience one or more of them at any given time in your life. In my many years of practice, I have developed an empathic approach, focusing on my clients’ immediate need to restore emotional stability, while developing a realistic plan tailored to each person’s concerns. I always work to resolve each client's issues as quickly as possible. And as a local therapist, I have a window into the specific concerns of our local population. I am here, in Westport, and I am here for you.

Are you offering any new products, or ways for customers to purchase your products or services that are popular during this crisis?

Like most therapists, I am now offering sessions via phone and online. Safety is our first priority. Maintaining your mental health during challenging times is, well, challenging, and online sessions offer the convenience of getting therapy while not leaving your home and also saving travel time. My clients are finding online sessions to be helpful and productive.

Are there certain individuals or organizations that supported you and your business through this trying time?

My clients have been wonderful in making the transition from in-person to phone and online sessions and in maintaining their therapy routines despite the job and parenting challenges many have faced since March. I am grateful to my clients for staying with me and look forward to welcoming new clients who will benefit from my help. If you start seeing me, I will use my training and two decades of experience to find the most effective mode of therapy for you, and we will become partners in the therapeutic process. Give me a call!

Joyce Colburn Therapy is located at 225 Main St. in Westport. Visit their website online here, and make sure to check out their Facebook page as well!

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