Whip Salon: 3 Things To Keep Your Hair Healthy

Need some hair help? Whip Salon offers 3 key ways you can keep your tresses from stressing

1. Keep Trim

This one you can probably guess, but a good old fashioned haircut will keep hair on point. The number one way to keep your hair healthy is to make sure you keep it fresh and clean up split ends. Even if you're trying to grow your hair out, regular trims are a must to keep hair looking healthy.  

2. Get Deep

Colder weather can make your hair feel sooo dry. But it doesn't have to be that way. Fight back with one of our secret weapons at Whip Salon - a deep conditioning treatment. Oh and it really works FAST. It only takes five, yes FIVE minutes. Just ask for a deep conditioning treatment to go along with any hair service next time you're in.

3.  It's All in the Routine

A trustworthy hydrating shampoo and conditioner pairing makes the difference between brittle hair or luxurious locks. We recommend MoMo shampoo and conditioner by Davines. It delicately cleans damaged hair while replenishing moisture for maximum shine and hydration. You won't believe how soft it makes your hair. Can you say game changer!?

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I recorded all the analytics from our email testing last week. You can find the results here:https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1hlhleyJMN3bo-1LgSA3TQiRxuW3U_ufgujvAiICV6LI/edit#gid=2055012564As you can see with delivery rates:- For the most part, our delivery rates are healthy. However, I've been reviewing the analytics the past few days and Segment A had a big in delivery rate. It started around 97% but went down to 89%. I took a look at the bounces and 70 of them are soft bounces. Upon further investigation, the culprits are AOL & Yahoo emails. AOL and Yahoo emails are typically old and it probably has very different features compared to others. This could explain why the soft bounces took so long to process. 
- The action here is that I move all the AOL & Yahoo emails into suppression in Campaigns. I recommend the team marking these in the CRM. As you can see with open rates:- Our highest open rate occurred on Wednesday when sent at 2:00 PM EST with a 14.20% open rate. 
- The other send times that we used has an average of 6.83%. We must take into account though that Wednesday which has the highest open rate also occurred the most days out. The lowest open rate at 5.5% was sent last afternoon so less people have had a chance to open it.
- The next highest open rates occurred during the day at 10:00 AM and 12:00 PM, regardless of the day of week. The lowest open rates occurred after work hours. 
- We can gather the information that it may be best to send emails in the work week around the lunch hour. Although, we did send an email out on Saturday at noon and it's comparable to Friday at 10:00 AM. So we can't completely disregard weekends if it's sent during the day. We can look into this for further testing.Next Steps: - You can see my plan for this week here: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1hlhleyJMN3bo-1LgSA3TQiRxuW3U_ufgujvAiICV6LI/edit#gid=171370079- I am continuing to do graphical emails but I will create it slightly different than last week's. 
-- I will use different graphics up on top.
-- I am doing an A/B Test for the emails. The way it works is that the AB email will be sent to a percentage of folks (like 10 AM to 15%/15%) and then whoever wins will be used as the "champion". If we set the champion to go out 2 hours later, the champion will then get sent out at 12:00 PM to 70% of that list.
-- I would like to use TWO testimonials or stories in this one. Are there any particular people that you would like me to use?- I am sending to all 5 segments and using different from lines and subject lines for each. 
-- I am testing HamletHub vs Creativity Connects vs Ken Ducey 
-- I am also testing the inclusion of [Introducing Creativity Connects] to the subject line. Specifically, I want to use brackets as well as a way to "introduce" people to Creativity Connects. I think this peaks people's curiosity and brackets are a proven method to increase open rates.


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