Why Small Businesses Matter in Westport (Reimagined): Winfield Street Coffee, committed to donating 10,000 meals by the end of 2020

Why Small Businesses Matter Reimagined

Small businesses matter - now more than ever. They are answering the call with innovation and determination like never before.

We hope you join us in supporting them by sharing their story far and wide and shopping local! We are thankful to Fairfield County Bank for their continued support and for making this series possible.

Step inside Winfield Street Coffee!

Three questions with Breno Donatti, owner of Winfield Street Coffee.

Winfield is committed to donating 10,000 meals by the end of 2020


What do you want the community to know? Are there ways for the community to help you and other local businesses to prosper?

When we reopened on May 15th, we started a Giving Back program in which we donate a meal for every check of $20 or more across our stores. We realized that the world would not look the same after this pandemic and we wanted to leverage our resources to provide value to the community. We have committed and donated almost 5,000 meals to local non-profits to date. All three of our locations participate in this campaign. You can find more info on this program at:

Learn more => https://www.winfieldcoffee.com/giving-back

Are you offering any new products or ways for customers to purchase your products or services that are popular during this crisis?

Yes! Most of our orders are easily done through the Clover app and we also have started offering delivery and curbside pick up through https://www.winfieldcoffee.com/order

Are there certain individuals or organizations that supported you and your business through this trying time?

Our local bloggers have been so important in getting the word out. There are so many that we need to thank, but a special shout out is deserved by Hey Stamford, CT Bites, Sonique Says.

Winfield Street Coffee is located at 13 Post Road West in Westport, and among other locations, Winfield Street Coffee is also located at 96 Broad Street in Stamford. Visit them online here, and also make sure to check out their Facebook and Instagram pages as well!

HamletHub thanks Fairfield County Bank for making our Why Small Businesses Matter series possible!


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