Meetings Scheduled for Proposed Alternate Cell Tower Location on Greens Farms Road

Westport  First Selectwoman Jennifer Tooker has announced that the office building complex at 55 Greens Farms Road is being considered as a potential alternate location for a proposed cell tower installation.

In June 2021, it was revealed that cell tower company Tarpon Towers and AT&T (Tarpon/AT&T) had signed an agreement with the owners of the property at 92 Greens Farms Road to construct a 124-feet tall cell tower adjacent to the house. Westport town officials, led by former First Selectman Jim Marpe, voiced their strong objection to this location on a residential property and urged Tarpon/AT&T to consider other options. As a result of those discussions, Tarpon/AT&T and the owner of the office building at 55 Greens Farms Road have tentatively reached an agreement to locate the tower on the northeast corner of that office property. This new potential location requires a small wetland crossing, which will be reviewed by the Westport Conservation Commission on January 31, 2022. A Public Information Session will be held on February 8, 2022 to discuss the two proposed locations. Both meetings will be conducted virtually.

First Selectwoman Tooker stated, “I urge neighbors of both locations—92 Greens Farms Road and 55 Greens Farms Road—to attend the Conservation Commission meeting on January 31, when the wetlands issue will be the primary focus, and the Public Information Session on February 8, when there will be a full discussion of this cell tower proposal. These are important issues for neighbors and the entire Westport community. I encourage interested Westporters to participate in these public meetings.”

Legal Notices (including Zoom links) for the Conservation Commission meeting (January 31) and Public Information Session (February 8) will be posted to the Town website: