Pause + Purpose, A New Meditation Studio, Opens Its Doors In Downtown Westport

Emily Vartanian-Tuttle is a Wilton resident, an entrepreneur, publication designer, and photographer with past experience supporting non-profits in the mental health sector. Her passions include normalizing self-care routines, especially for caregivers, and using her voice to bring communities together through practicing mindfulness. Emily is an MBA and her businesses have been featured in Real Simple, Yahoo!, the Hour, Shape Magazine, and more. Now, she is the founder & owner of Pause + Purpose, a meditation studio located in downtown Westport. 

Pause + Purpose was born out of a need to seamlessly connect more people to high-quality mindfulness series to help them shift their mindsets, achieve their goals, and release anything that doesn’t serve them—all with the help of friends.

Walk in any time during operating hours and meditate freely in the meditation loft with your favorite app or simply sit in silence surrounded by rustic wood, calming music, and river views.

Enjoy a complimentary tea bar with both caf and decaf options and read a book from the mindfulness library with works curated by its staff and instructors. On the main floor, open informal hosted activities take place throughout the day. Enjoy the studio manager’s optional journaling group (8:30am-10am), the hour where families are welcome for mindful activities (10am-11am), or an afternoon tea ritual (11am-1pm), free of charge!

Pause + Purpose membership works much like a gym. For a monthly fee, you and your children may attend as many classes as you’d like within the calendar month. You also get special perks like 10% off our retreats and special events, and free 20-minute guided experiences.

In the summer months, the focus at the studio is to stay cool; mellowing intensity with relaxation, grounding our energy, staying hydrated, fostering stability, and balancing summer’s natural expansiveness and mobility with quiet, restful activities. The gatherings are an introspective practice that nurtures and develops connections—between body and mind, the multiple facets of the self, and in community. We’ll explore embodiment as we work with light movement, meditation, and journaling in gentle, mindful way and explore the process of consciously listening to the body’s needs, in each specific moment.

The gatherings are for any meditator, beginner to advanced. Taught by expert instructors, each session is different and instructors cover a range of mindfulness exercises.
Classes include:

  • Exploration of breathing
  • Light movement
  • Sound baths
  • Mindfulness techniques to calm anxiety
  • Journaling
  • Optional sharing with the group
  • Group support
  • Talks on specific mindfulness topics led by our instructors.

For more information, visit www.pauseandpurpose.com or join our community on Instagram and Facebook @pauseandpurpose.




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