CT Legislators Speak About Tolls

Westport, CT – Senator Tony Hwang (R-28) and State Representative Laura Devlin (R-134) hosted a press conference at the Westport Train Station to raise questions about the tolls bill. 

“This tolls bill contains no rail improvements,” said Sen. Hwang. “Tolls were first marketed to Fairfield County residents as a way to speed up the commutes for those using the rail system to improve quality of life and economic viability, but those potential benefits are nowhere to be found in this latest toll legislation.”

The lawmakers noted that if the tolls bill is passed into law, highway exits that are nearby the toll gantries could be closed in order to stop trucks from avoiding the charges and negatively impacting local roads, business and public safety with increased traffic density. 

“These exit closures will force residents to re-route their everyday lives,” said Rep. Devlin, the head House Republican on the legislature's Transportation committee, “Already overtaxed local businesses will have to survive another challenge to getting customers in their doors.”

The tolls bill is set for a public hearing on Friday, just days before the start of the 2020 Regular Legislative Session.

Sen. Hwang engaged with pro-tolls activists who attended the press conference, saying, “I’m glad to see citizens participating in the process of an open debate on the subject. The implementation of tolls would be a monumental undertaking for Connecticut, with unforeseeable ramifications not addressed in the proposed bill. Tolls deserve the time and consideration of the normal legislative process.”


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