Westport First Selectman Jim Marpe will not seek re-election for a third term

Westport First Selectman Jim Marpe announced today that he will not pursue re-election for a third term in the upcoming November municipal general election.

Mr. Marpe said, “It has been an honor to serve my community as its Chief Elected Official for the past seven years, and I deeply appreciate the bi-partisan support and encouragement I have received throughout that time. While the Westport Town Charter does not place term limits on our elected officials, my experience in the private sector taught me that every organization benefits from regular changes in senior leadership. I am proud of what my administration has accomplished or set in motion, including our responses to COVID-19, fiscal responsibility, physical improvements, and addressing social justice concerns. We have prioritized the delivery of superior services at a predictable cost to the taxpayer. As such, I am very proud that we kept the mill rate stable throughout my entire term in office.

I also know that the real key to our success as a community is the professionalism and commitment to serving our residents that is exhibited every day by the women and men who are employed by the Town and the Westport Public Schools.  It is also the result of the remarkable dedication and creativity of our dozens of citizen volunteers and elected officials. I am so fortunate to have led a team of employees and residents that is the envy of my counterparts in other communities.

During the remaining seven months of my term, I will continue to focus on leading Westport safely out of the pandemic tunnel we have been in for the past year, as well as achieving or launching the initiatives that I have described in various budget and State of the Town presentations. When I first ran for election to the Selectman’s Office, I committed to bringing a citizen-centric, professional management style to my responsibilities, and I assure you that will continue into November.

I want to thank the voters of Westport for allowing me the opportunity to have the special privilege of serving them in the First Selectman’s Office. I remain humbled by, and grateful for, the responsibility you have granted me.”