Republican Jennifer Tooker is Westport's New First Selectman

Town of Westport (Unofficial) Election Results

*State of Connecticut office of Secretary of State

First Selectman and Selectman

Jennifer S. Tooker & Andrea L. Moore (Republican Party) - 4,237

Jonathan Steinberg & Candice Savin (Democratic Party) - 4,168

TJ Elgin & Louis E. D'Onofrio, Jr. (Libertarian Party) - 64

Board of Finance

Brian Stern (Democratic Party) 5,207

Lee Caney (Democratic Party) 4,959

Michael Keller (Republican Party) 4,100

Board of Education

Alma Sarelli (Write In) 130

Christina Torres (Democratic Party) 5,177

Dorie Hordon (Republican Party) 3,913

Kevin Christie (Democratic Party) 5,097

Robert Harrington (Republican Party) 3,850

Board of Assessment Appeals

Ifeseyi Gayle (Democratic Party) 4,445

Joseph Sledge (Republican Party) 3,470

Lynette Pineda (Democratic Party) 4,547

Planning & Zoning Commission

Danielle Dobin (Democratic Party) 4,857

Danielle Dobin (Save Westport Now Party) 539

Jack Whittle (Republican Party) 3,360

Michael Cammeyer (Democratic Party) 4,585

Michael Cammeyer (Save Westport Now Party) 510

Neil Cohn (Democratic Party) 4,477

Neil Cohn (Save Westport Now Party) 446

Ron Corwin (Coalition For Westport Party) 786

Zoning Board of Appeals

Amy Wistreich (Democratic Party) 5,185

Josh Newman (Democratic Party) 5,103

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