Westport Police Department Hold Annual Awards Ceremony

On the evening of Monday, September 13, 2021, the Westport Police Department held its annual awards ceremony. During this special night, the department recognized the commendable acts of its officers for the year 2020.
Instead of something formal, the department opted for a more family-centered event which was held outdoors at Westport’s Remarkable Theatre. As the officers and their families enjoyed pizza, they had an opportunity to catch up with one another and celebrate each other’s accomplishments. Police Chief Foti Koskinas congratulated the officers who received awards but was quick to note how proud he was of the entire police department’s professionalism, dedication, and never-ending commitment to the community. Further, the Chief thanked Sgt. Sereniti Dobson for spending countless hours planning the ceremony.
The various awards given out included, among other things, unit citations, certificates of recognition, meritorious service awards, investigator ribbons, and life saving awards.
Detective Marc Heinmiller is the 2020 Officer of the Year. He was given this prestigious award because of his outstanding performance during 2020. He is an incredibly accomplished and effective investigator who successfully closed a number of complicated cases over the last year. Det. Heinmiller’s knowledge and dedication to his investigations has undoubtedly improved the safety and quality of life for all of Westport’s residents and visitors. When congratulating Det. Heinmiller, Chief Koskinas stated that “Marc is an outstanding officer who is highly respected by his peers, and I feel very fortunate that he is a member of the Westport Police Department.”
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