Westport Police report man rescued after fall into water

At approximately 5:55 a.m. this morning, Westport Police officers responded to Saugatuck Shores on a report of an elderly male who was missing.
Several officers immediately began to search the area and a short time later the missing man was spotted partially submerged in the water. Given the temperature of the water, it was imperative that the officers immediately begin efforts to rescue the individual. A canoe owned by a private citizen was located close by and deployed.
One officer held the man’s head above the water while several others lifted him into the canoe. Once the man was safely in the canoe he was brought to the shoreline where personnel from the Westport Fire Department assisted with removing him from the vessel and then brought him to EMS personnel.
EMS evaluated the man on scene, and he was transported to the hospital for further treatment. While the man’s condition is unknown at this time, any injuries he may have sustained did not appear to be life-threatening.
Chief Koskinas stated he was very proud of the officers who were involved in this rescue. “There is no doubt that these officers’ quick thinking and superior teamwork led to a positive outcome.” The Chief also extended his thanks to both the Fire Department and EMS for the valuable assistance that they provided.
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