Westport Police investigate report of stolen cat

On January 20th, 2023 Westport Police initiated an investigation after a complaint was made by a neighbor of James Doyle that he had allegedly stolen her cat.  

The neighbor stated that Mr. Doyle has allegedly been trying to “lure” her cat into his residence for some time now and she has repeatedly told him to leave her cat alone.  Mr. Doyle was seen by neighbors trying to lure the cat into his residence and alerted the complainant.  The complainant again expressed her wishes that Mr. Doyle leave the cat alone when he allegedly picked up the cat, displayed his middle finger, and took the cat inside his residence.  

Westport Police were called and found Mr. Doyle sitting on his front porch and admitted to taking the cat but had since released it.  Mr. Doyle was arrested for breach of peace and released on a $1000 bond with a court date of January 31st at Stamford Superior Court.

The information courtesy of Westport Police Facebook. Learn more here


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