Meet the New Owners Behind the Wheel of Wilton's Famous Student-run Ice Cream Truck!

I scream you scream, we all scream for ice cream! The VonLoeser kids just acquired College Creamery, Wilton’s famous student-run ice cream truck!  They are the third Wilton family to get behind the wheel of the restored and hand painted 1977 Chevy! 

It was Lindsay Wheeler,  Taylor Toll and Stephanie Fricke who began this small business ice cream truck in 2011. After four years of spinning their wheels and serving sweet treats, the business was acquired by the Lewis Family - Julia, Jack and Justin. The trio ran the business together for the first few years until Jack took over the business entirely in the summer of 2018.

  After 7 fun years of putting smiles on the faces of people young and old, Jack and the rest of the family decided it was time to pass on the tradition to another local family. And now, the VonLoeser girls proudly own and operate the clad Chevy! 

Three’s a charm! Meet the 3 new owners of Wilton’s College Creamery and learn about where the cool truck is headed next!

Who will be the new student faces serving up sweet treats in and around Wilton? 

Reagan, the oldest of three girls, is a junior at Wilton High School, she and her Freshman sister, Addison, will be running the operation. Samantha, a 6th grader, will also be involved.

Why did your family decide to take the reins of Wilton College Creamery? 

College Creamery is a town icon. It’s been at virtually every town event since we moved here from Stamford in 2015. When we (our mom) noticed a Facebook posting on the Wilton Tag Sale that Jack was selling the business, we all immediately jumped at the chance to keep it local! We also look at the ownership and operation of this business as a great educational opportunity on how to run a business from start to finish – inventory, customer service, scheduling events, accounting and finance, business banking and LOANS! (a special thanks to our bankers AKA Mom and Dad). 

Any changes (new flavors, offerings) on the horizon?

 Jack and Julia have done such a great job of building the business over the last 7 years that it’s hard to want to change too much – we believe that “if it isn’t broken, don’t fix it”. The Lewis family has certainly made it an easy transition and the timing was right. Jack is graduating from Bucknell this year and the timing worked for everyone. The one thing that we did add is an additional (matching) 1979 Chevy step-side truck … soon to be painted to match the original!

Do you operate in the cooler months?

We are absolutely considering operating during cooler months. Right after we bought College Creamery, we received several phone calls, texts and emails for Halloween events. So, it’s definitely a possibility!

Favorite item on the menu? 

Easy! The Tiger’s blood shaved ice is the best! Although mom likes Bahama Mama. The Lewis Family favorites were Tiger's Blood as well and of course the Chipwich.

What do you want the Wilton community to know?

We think it’s important for everyone to know that the Lewis family is making sure that we have a seamless transition in terms of quality, customer service, and availability. They’re training us on how to operate the business. We have already taken over the website, email address ( as well as the (same) phone number ((203)-722-3829).

Since we started the conversations with Jack, he has made sure that we knew how important customer service is. We will continue delivering excellent service and big smiles to the community!

College Creamery will still be available in Wilton and surrounding towns for all of your events, including birthday parties, graduation parties, BBQs, Fourth of July, family reunions, block parties, corporate events; you name the occasion and we will be happy to serve you!

Visit College Creamery online here. 

Congratulations to the VonLoeser family and student-entrepreneurs Reagan, Addison, and Samantha! 

Submitted by Wilton, CT

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