The Scoop on Psych Testing: What All Those Numbers Really Mean at Wilton Library on February 14

The Scoop on Psych Testing: What All Those Numbers Really Mean on Tuesday, February 14 @10am in Brubeck Room

Licensed clinical psychologist Marcia Eckerd, PhD, will explain common areas examined in psychological and psycho-educational testing, including IQ, achievement, memory, executive functioning, social communication, and development. She will discuss the significance of psych testing, what information can be gained from it, how to interpret the numbers you see in the reports, how to use the bell curve, and the importance of comprehensive recommendations based on the conclusions of the testing for appropriate interventions and support services.
Marcia Eckerd, PhD, has been a licensed psychologist for 35 years. She provides therapy and consultations with parents and schools for students with autism spectrum disorders, NVLD, ADHD and executive function issues. She has a specialty in diagnosing and working with individuals with spectrum challenges and NVLD, such as social skills, anxiety, inflexibility and depression.
Presented by SPED*NET in partnership with Wilton Library, Wilton Public Schools and Newtown SPED PTA. 
Submitted by Wilton, CT

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