The Prospector Theater Team Takes the Polar Plunge to Support Special Olympics!

Prospects from the Prospector Theater, with their fearless leader, Valerie Jensen, recently took the Polar Plunge to support Special Olympics!

Here, Valerie shares poetic, heartwarming words about the experience writing, "To pay respect to the athletes young and old, my team and I braved the 33 degrees cold. This activity takes us out of our comfort zone to help the many who call that place home."

Learn more about the Penguin Plunge and support Special Olympics in Connecticut HERE.

Jensen says, "This is a picture of us: Valerie, Chiz, Nate, Jenn, Rachel, Gabe, Dan, all big Special Olympics fans!"

Read the poem below:

At my coldest 

Special Olympics warms my heart

“Let me win, but if I cannot win

Let me be brave in the attempt”

Their motto, I borrow for life

The pandemic was scary

Lonely, isolating, depressing 

There was a night 

In the heart of the darkness 

I didn’t know what to do 

I never felt so low, so alone

Prospector Theater was closed

My family was far

There was nowhere to go

Even though I had gas in my car 

I rose from my couch 

And dried my eyes 

Went to my keyboard

Received a surprise

An invite, 

“Special Olympics Dance Party on Zoom”

I was over the moon

A few clickety clacks on the mouse

And soon I was rocking the house 

A hundred people danced in their rooms

Busting moves with rocking tunes 

I rolled my desk chair away

There would be no more sadness today 

I made myself a dance floor

Sad and lonely no more 

We danced together, in our Zoom boxes

Happy, laughing, safe, and free

Two Prospects danced with me from their homes

Dancing queens: Regina, Jenny, and me 

No place I’d rather be 

Special Olympics, thanks for the fun night 

It was what I needed, it was just right

Special Olympics had always won my heart 

At the races, cheering for athletes at the start

Here I am at the finish line

High fiving finishers

Congratulating on their time

For their wins, I was happier than if they were mine 

Special Olympics medals sparkle bright 

At the Prospector Theater reflecting the light

In the “Teach To Fish Mosaic” on the second floor 

88 medals donated by Prospects who had won before

Special Olympics gave me a great honor

A place in the Hall of Fame

For work I have done supporting the games

And on a very cold day in March 2021 

I took off my coat and  my warm clothes

I jumped in the pond which recently unfroze

In the cold water we went all the way under 

Penguin Plunge donation - Special Olympics’ largest fundraiser

To pay respect to the athletes young and old, 

My team and I braved the 33 degree cold

This activity takes us out of our comfort zone

To help the many who call that place home 

The money we raise go to the programs

Gym time, sports equipment, uniforms, 

Virtual Dance parties, shelters from the storms 

This year, Special Olympics has turned to Zoom 

Dance Parties, cooking lessons, and art

Special Olympians stayed active through the dark

Keeping athletes connected, in body, spirit and heart

This is a picture of us: 

Valerie, Chiz, Nate, Jenn, Rachel, Gabe, Dan

All big Special Olympics fans 

Ian had the camera, we only had one take

We did not want to go back in the lake

The stakes were high, the water was freezing 

We were warmed by Special Olympics, our reason

“One for the money, 

Two for the show,

Three to get ready, 

This is for SO!”

There were splashes, laughter, and screams

The money raised would help our friends’ teams

Penguin Plunge 2021 on Gemstone Farm

Cold, freezing cold - the good kind 

When we are supporting our athletes

Bodies, health, hearts, and minds

As the Special Olympics dance party had helped mine

Visit our Special Olympics artwork at the Theater

And please remind me to buy a portable heater 

Next year my team and I will plunge once more

Frozen, yet warmed to the core

Next year we will become penguins again

Maybe you will join us, brave friend! 

Sparkle on, Prospector Theater 

Sparkle on, Gemstone Farm

Sparkle on, Special Olympics! 


The Prospector Theater is a 501(c)(3) non-profit dedicated to providing meaningful employment opportunities for adults with disabilities through the operation of a premium, four screen, first-run movie theater. Employees of the Prospector, referred to as Prospects, are encouraged to sparkle, shine, and transform their passions into professions.

The Prospector Theater is located at 25 Prospect Street and will soon open unveil a theater in Wilton! Visit the Theater online here and learn more about their important mission.




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