The Pilates Barre in Ridgefield to Host FREE Workshop on Sunday: Pilates for Back Care

Nagging back pain can prevent you from living an active lifestyle and impact your quality of life.

Did you know? The Pilates Barre, located at 35 Danbury Road, specializes in safe and effective exercise protocols to alleviate back pain by helping you to achieve optimal core strength and stability.  

“After 30 years of teaching equipment based Pilates sessions and classes, I continue to be inspired and grateful for this body of work that helps so many different types of people in profound ways,” explains owner of The Pilates Barre, Sharon McSpedon.

The Pilates Barre invites you to take a positive step toward increased core strength, greater flexibility, improved balance and better posture.  Learn how to reduce back pain and stiffness by attending their FREE workshop, Pilates for Back Care, this Sunday, November 12th at 10:30. This event is open to the public but space is limited.

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Join Pilates master Sharon McSpedon, along with expert Pilates instructors Kathleen Moran and Natasha Kowatch for a brief discussion on the importance of deep core muscles and safe strengthening exercises to protect the spine for life.  

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Here’s what clients of The Pilates Barre are saying:

Unlike other exercise professionals, Sharon is unique and innovative in her work. Drawing on a remarkable array of Pilates techniques, she designed a program for me that helped overcome a decade of back problems and I will forever be grateful.  Her talented team is also a testament to the quality of training and overall commitment to client wellness at The Pilates Barre.


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Sunday, November 12th

11:30  M.E.L.T Class

If you haven't experienced a M.E.L.T. Class,  now is the time to Hydrate Connective Tissue, learn self-therapy and treat your body to something extraordinary!

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Friday, November 17th

Couples Bodhi

This is a class the guys LOVE!! Bodhi is our version of TRX and Pilates in one.  Bring your significant other and join Natasha for an invigorating hour.  

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Friday November 24th

Burn the Turkey Is Back!

8:15am  Barre Cardio  

9:30am  75 Minute Barre Burn

10:45am Bodhi Burn

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