Circle of Care to Host Mitch Albom in Westport

The author of Tuesdays With Morrie returns to nonfiction to celebrate Chika, a young Haitian orphan who forever changed his heart.

Join Circle of Care, a Connecticut based non-profit supporting families with children with cancer, and Mitch Albom on January 30th for a night honoring CHIKA: A little girl, an earthquake, and the making of a family.

Through the operation of the Have Faith Haiti Orphanage in Port Au Prince and in reaction to the 2010 hurricane devastation, Albom met his daughter, Chika. The young orphan had developed a life-threatening brain tumor and with no doctors in Haiti able to help her, Albom brought Chika to America.

The story follows their two-year, around-the-world journey to find a cure for an inoperable brain tumor. Told in hindsight, and through conversations with Chika herself, this is Albom at his most poignant and vulnerable. He creates a beautiful portrait of what it means to be a family, regardless of how it is made.

“This is the hardest yet most important book I have written or may ever write,” says Albom.  Hosting the event is a Connecticut based organization dedicated to the same advocacy Albom addresses in Chika. Circle of Care is a non-profit supporting the journey families of children with cancer face. To support Circle of Care and its shared mission to help children and families with cancer, Albom has waived his speaking fee for the January 30th event.

Mitch Albom is a bestselling author, screenwriter, playwright and nationally syndicated columnist. Tuesdays with Morrie, which spent four straight years atop the New York Times list, is now the bestselling memoir of all time. Albom has founded nine charities in Detroit, including the first-ever 24-hour medical clinic for homeless children in America. He also continues to operate and visit monthly the Have Faith Haiti Orphanage.  Join Circle of Care and their intimate conversation with Mitch Albom as he reflects on his life-changing experience with Chika through anecdotes, photos, and videos.

The event will last between 45 minutes to an hour. Tickets can be found at thecircleofcare.org and mitchalbom.com.


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