Wilton Historical Society Adds to “Wilton Reads” conversation with new History Is Here video on Race Relations in Wilton

“Race Relations in Wilton: The Human Values at Stake” is a short but powerful video about a slice of the history of this layered and complex subject. Specially created for this year’s “Wilton Reads” the video provides some surprising insights into Wilton’s past. In this new episode of History is Here, The Wilton Historical Society’s Associate Curator Nick Foster explores Wilton's history and legacy of race relations, including a conversation with Eugene “Doug” Jones about what he and his family faced – they were the first Black family to buy a home in Wilton in 1954.

Since the town's earliest colonial days, people of color have accounted for only a small percentage of Wilton's population. Intentional obstacles, many dating to the 1950s and 60s, made it difficult or even impossible for minority families to purchase a home, and that legacy can still be felt today. At the same time, many individuals recognized the injustices and worked toward solutions to create a more diverse and inclusive community. "Race Relations in Wilton: The Human Values at Stake" was designed to bring historic facts to light and to add local context to the community discussions that Wilton Reads is offering. The video is available for viewing on the Wilton Historical Society website, www.wiltonhistorical.org and YouTube channel.

The Wilton Historical Society has been producing the popular video series since April, 2020 to tell the stories of the town’s history.

Wilton Historical Society is a proud Community Partner with Wilton Library for this year's Wilton Reads project.

The Wilton Historical Society, 224 Danbury Road, Wilton CT 06897 www.wiltonhistorical.org



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