Wilton Garden Club Conservation Committee Announces Native Seed Giveaway This Sunday!

Native Seed Giveaway This Sunday - Get, Learn, Give

Sunday, January 30, 11 AM-1 PM. FREE WILDFLOWER SEEDS!

Stop along the Norwalk River Valley Trail and pick up seeds ready to sow for summer blooming now. Join NRWA, NRVT, The Pollinator Pathway, Fairfield County Seed Swap and Wilton Garden Club Conservation Committee for a NATIVE SEED GIVEAWAY In honor of National Seed Swap Day.

PLACE: NRVT Sharp Hill Road entrance

GET: Packets of native plant seeds that support our local ecosystem including pollinators, songbirds, other wildlife, and our waterways

LEARN: Winter Sowing a simple seed starting method especially effective for native plants
GIVE: Back to our earth by supporting the health and vibrancy of our beautiful natural environment by growing native plants on your property


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