Wilton's HamletHub https://news.hamlethub.com/wilton Thu, 02 Apr 2020 09:02:24 -0400 HamletHub.com Fairfield County Bank Commits $100,000 to Help Feed the Community https://news.hamlethub.com/wilton/charities/50084-fairfield-county-bank-commits-100-000-to-help-feed-the-community50084-fairfield-county-bank-commits-100-000-to-help-feed-the-community https://news.hamlethub.com/wilton/charities/50084-fairfield-county-bank-commits-100-000-to-help-feed-the-community50084-fairfield-county-bank-commits-100-000-to-help-feed-the-community

In response to the COVID-19 national health crisis, Fairfield County Bank announced today its new program, Feeding Fairfield County, and a $100,000 commitment to help feed the community.

“As a result of the outbreak, many of our community members are struggling to feed their families.  As we tirelessly work to help our impacted business and consumer clients overcome their financial challenges, it is also important for us to take a leadership position to help community members with the urgent need of putting food on the table,” says Dan Berta, President of Fairfield County Bank.

Feeding Fairfield County, Fairfield County Bank’s COVID-19 food security response program, is a multi-faceted program designed to improve access to food for community members suddenly impacted by the national health crisis.  The program includes direct contributions to local food banks as well as purchasing gift cards from local restaurants that will be donated to help feed at-risk communities and our heroic healthcare workers and first responders.

“We want to contribute not only money but also create a program to bring together our local businesses, clients, and the overall community to further feed people in need.  We encourage everyone who can to join us in supporting the community through this program,” adds David Schneider, Fairfield County Bank CEO.

Dan Berta goes on to say, “The Bank’s restaurant clients are some of our most notable community leaders.  This is an opportunity for us to also help them during this crisis by purchasing gift cards that we then donate to people in need and using them to bring food to our front-line healthcare workers and first responders.”

Additionally, Fairfield County Bank will be directing some of its on-going community-focused efforts towards food-related causes, including the Bank’s Charity of the Month program, the Bank’s Coins for a Cause program, employee gift matching program, and volunteer efforts.

In the coming days, Fairfield County Bank will be providing details on how community members can join the effort.  For more information, please follow Fairfield County Bank on Facebook and check for routine updates on our dedicated Feeding Fairfield County webpage.  Charities or businesses interested in participating in the Feeding Fairfield County program can email Stephen Wooters at Stephen.Wooters@FairfieldCountyBank.com.

Stephen Wooters, Executive Vice President, further emphasizes, “We are a community bank, and we are here for our community.  It’s not just a tagline when we say ‘We Are Fairfield County.’”

Founded in 1871, Fairfield County Bank is a $1.5 billion community bank with locations throughout Fairfield County. In 2019 alone, Fairfield County Bank donated over $1 million to 415 local non-profit organizations with over 5,000 hours of volunteerism from their employees – a true testament to strengthening our communities. Visit www.fairfieldcountybank.com to find out more about the Bank. #WeAreFairfieldCounty              

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Connecticut COVID-19 Update: 3,557 Cases, First Pediatric Death https://news.hamlethub.com/wilton/neighbors/50083-connecticut-covid-19-update-3-557-cases-first-pediatic-death-in-connecticut50083-connecticut-covid-19-update-3-557-cases-first-pediatic-death-in-connecticut https://news.hamlethub.com/wilton/neighbors/50083-connecticut-covid-19-update-3-557-cases-first-pediatic-death-in-connecticut50083-connecticut-covid-19-update-3-557-cases-first-pediatic-death-in-connecticut

As of April 1, 2020, a total of 3557 laboratory-confirmed cases of COVID-19 have been reported among Connecticut residents. Seven hundred and sixty-six patients are currently hospitalized. Eighty-five residents have died. 

Fairfield County currently has the most cases in Connecticut with 1986 positive COVID-19 cases. There have been 49 deaths in Fairfield County.

Earlier today, Governor Ned Lamont reported the first pediatric fatality in Connecticut linked to COVID-19. "A 6-week old newborn from the Hartford area was brought unresponsive to a hospital last week and could not be revived," he said.

View cases by Town and County here.

National COVID-19 statistics and information about preventing spread of COVID-19 are available from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. A weekly report on seasonal influenza activity can be found on the DPH website.

The map you see here shows the number of patients currently hospitalized with laboratory-confirmed COVID-19 by county based on data collected by the Connecticut Hospital Association. The distribution is by location of hospital, not patient residence. The labels indicate the number of patients currently hospitalized with the change since yesterday in parentheses.

Additional details can be found here.


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Community is not Canceled: Maritime Aquarium Free Virtual Programs https://news.hamlethub.com/wilton/places/50082-community-is-not-canceled-maritime-aquarium-free-virtual-programs50082-community-is-not-canceled-maritime-aquarium-free-virtual-programs https://news.hamlethub.com/wilton/places/50082-community-is-not-canceled-maritime-aquarium-free-virtual-programs50082-community-is-not-canceled-maritime-aquarium-free-virtual-programs


Community is not Canceled 


Neighbors helping neighbors, community members reaching out to our local senior citizens, residents supporting our heroic first responders -the inspiring stories and acts of kindness brought forth by our current crisis are extraordinary. What's more, small businesses, local nonprofits, and civic organizations are innovating to stay connected and serve the community. 


Community is not Canceled, a series made possible by LIFEWTR will showcase Connecticut's awesome response to this unprecedented situation. We are in this together. Stay strong. 

Maritime Aquarium at Norwalk Offers 2 FREE Virtual Sessions Weekly

In response to the COVID-19 closures, The Maritime Aquarium at Norwalk will be streaming two of its popular educational programs for free each week, while also making a selection of paid marine-science classes available to Norwalk schools.

Students, families and individuals can take part in a virtual “citizen science” class on Wednesdays at 4 p.m., while a story-time program for younger children will go online at 10 a.m. each Friday. Both of the 40-minute live-streaming programs are free but do require advance reservations to receive a needed link.

Additionally, The Maritime Aquarium has adapted its educational programming for schools into live streamable sessions available to any online Norwalk classroom beginning next week. There are options for students ranging from early childhood through high school.

Learn more about these virtual educational programs here.


Community is not Canceled! We are thankful to LIFEWTR for helping us to connect and stay strong.


The views and opinions expressed above are those of the author and do not necessarily reflect the views of HamletHub or LIFEWTR. 



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Wilton Coronavirus Update: 49 Residents Test Positive https://news.hamlethub.com/wilton/neighbors/50081-wilton-coronavirus-update-49-residents-test-positive50081-wilton-coronavirus-update-49-residents-test-positive https://news.hamlethub.com/wilton/neighbors/50081-wilton-coronavirus-update-49-residents-test-positive50081-wilton-coronavirus-update-49-residents-test-positive

CT DPH reports 3,128 laboratory-confirmed statewide cases with 1,870 or 60% in Fairfield County and 49 in Wilton. Statewide deaths nearly doubled to 69.  Half of the doubling was due to incomplete reporting. The number of cases requiring hospitalization is 608. As was evidenced with the reporting on deaths, we think the actual number of cases is higher than reported. 

 If you have received a confirmed or presumptive positive test and you have not been contacted by the Wilton Health Department, please contact the department. 

This map is a good visual of the concentration in Fairfield County versus the remainder of Connecticut.  

We are beyond frustrated with the continued use of closed recreation facilities by adults, teens and children. As a result, we are taking the following additional measures:

  • Additional non-essential personnel will be patrolling the fields, the track and playground.
  • Greater impediments will be installed to prevent their use.
  • Any remaining rims, nets or such will be removed.

At today’s press conference, Dr. Fauci and Dr. Birx reported that US deaths are projected at 100,000 to 200,000 assuming full mitigation, meaning IF Americans across the country follow the rules.  Think about that and then ask yourself, “Who do I want to be?” The guy or gal that follows the rules (see below) and helps saves lives or the guy or gal that think the rules don’t apply to them and is indifferent to others? 

We now have the data from the experts. We are seeing what is happening in Wilton and our neighboring communities. Please, follow the rules. Please behave as if you have the virus and as if those around you do as well.  Do it for yourself, your family, your parents and grandparents and those of your fellow Wilton community members. 

Today, the Governor issued Executive Order 7R, which among others, requires school districts to continue to employ staff, continue to pay school bus companies for the wages and health benefits of those employees the bus companies continue to employ and places restrictions on state parks.  The order does not require municipalities to continue to employ municipal staff, but we are doing so, along with the schools.

If you have any questions, email me or the appropriate town department.  

Thank you,

Lynne Vanderslice

First Selectwoman

What are the rules?

  • Stay home.
  • Frequently wash your hands.
  • Cough into a tissue and throw the tissue in the trash.  No tissue, cough into your elbow and clean the area and dispose of the cleaning cloth.
  • Maintain a distance of 6 feet between you and another person.  This standard applies whether inside or outside.
  • Consolidate your shopping and errands to minimize the numbers of days you must leave your home.  


  • Please do not to run to the store every time you hear a delivery has arrived. Widespread overbuying is the major cause of shortages.  With businesses and schools closed and not ordering, new supply chains are open.
  • Take advantage of the delivery options offered by many Wilton businesses.
  • Practice your team sport on your own, not with your teammates.  The internet is full of videos and suggestions on how to do this. 
  • Do walk outside. If your street is walkable, please consider walking there rather than a public trail. When the NRVT parking lot, or that of another trail, is more than 50% full, please find another place to walk.  There are 127 miles of town-owned roads, more than 80 private roads and more than 3 miles of sidewalk on state-owned roads.
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Why Small Businesses Matter: Wilton Portraits https://news.hamlethub.com/wilton/places/49945-why-small-businesses-matter-in-wilton-wilton-portraits49945-why-small-businesses-matter-in-wilton-wilton-portraits https://news.hamlethub.com/wilton/places/49945-why-small-businesses-matter-in-wilton-wilton-portraits49945-why-small-businesses-matter-in-wilton-wilton-portraits

Why Small Businesses Matter

Shop small, do big things for your community

Why Small Businesses Matter puts a spotlight on the local merchants who donate their time, talent, goods, and services for the betterment of our community. The shop local movement spreads virally as local businesses who are “tagged” have the opportunity to share their story!

You're IT Wilton Portraits!

Four questions with Brian Miller, founder of Wilton Portraits.

Why did you start your business?

Wilton Portraits was born out of my love of photography and my passion to capture people’s personalities through images. What started as portraits of my two daughters, has blossomed into a business that includes Wedding photography, as well as fashion, family and portrait photography.

Finish this sentence in regard to your business. "I wish I could…"

I wish I could continue growing Wilton Portraits so that it becomes my full-time job. I have been a creative professional for 25 years, but photography has always been a hobby. Until now.

What is your best selling product/service?

My most popular service is my portrait session. I have had the good fortune of photographing many local business people, like Andrew Berman and his team of personal trainers, as well as the Police Chief of Westport and his family. I have photographed celebrities, including the cast of This Old House and the teen star of a Nickelodeon TV show.

How many local businesses do you use to support your business (products and services) and can you name them?

I am looking forward to partnering with many local businesses as my business grows. We love the town of Wilton, and as a family, we support local shops and businesses as much as we can. Each year I enter the Wilton Arts Association’s FOCUS competition. In 2018, I received an honorable mention and I’ve also received a Silver Award in the Connecticut Art Directors Club Awards Show for my photography.

Wilton Portraits is located at 76 Seir Hill Rd in Wilton. Visit Wilton Portraits online here.

HamletHub thanks Fairfield County Bank for making our Why Small Businesses Matter series possible!

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Wilton Firefighters Local 2233 Thank Our Lady of Fatima School for Generous (and Delicious) Donation! https://news.hamlethub.com/wilton/neighbors/50080-wilton-firefighters-local-2233-thank-our-lady-of-fatima-school-for-generous-and-delicious-donation50080-wilton-firefighters-local-2233-thank-our-lady-of-fatima-school-for-generous-and-delicious-donation https://news.hamlethub.com/wilton/neighbors/50080-wilton-firefighters-local-2233-thank-our-lady-of-fatima-school-for-generous-and-delicious-donation50080-wilton-firefighters-local-2233-thank-our-lady-of-fatima-school-for-generous-and-delicious-donation

Thank you to all who are supporting our community members who are working so hard to keep us safe during this difficult time.

Wilton Firefighters Local 2233 are thankful to their friends at Our Lady of Fatima Catholic Academy School for their very generous donation of pizza from Letizia's Pizza for Department members.

We are in this together. Stay strong, Wilton.


kerry@ducey.org (HH) Neighbors Tue, 31 Mar 2020 14:22:58 -0400
Connecticut COVID Update: 3,128 Confirmed Cases, 69 Deaths https://news.hamlethub.com/wilton/neighbors/50079-connecticut-covid-update-3-128-confirmed-cases-69-deaths50079-connecticut-covid-update-3-128-confirmed-cases-69-deaths https://news.hamlethub.com/wilton/neighbors/50079-connecticut-covid-update-3-128-confirmed-cases-69-deaths50079-connecticut-covid-update-3-128-confirmed-cases-69-deaths

As of March 31, 2020, a total of 3128 laboratory-confirmed cases of COVID-19 have been reported among Connecticut residents. Six hundred and eight patients are currently hospitalized. Sixty-nine residents have died. In addition to the deaths related to COVID-19 that have been reported to the Department of Public Health (DPH), this update contains information on the number of deaths that have been reported to the Office of the Chief Medical Examiner (OCME).

Today, the OCME provided information on 14 additional COVID-19 related deaths that occurred during March 17-29. There were 16 COVID-19 related deaths on March 30, and 3 on March 31. Moving forward, deaths reported to either the OCME or DPH will be included in the daily COVID-19 update.

Fairfield County currently has the most cases in the state with 1870 COVID-19 confirmed positives 1870. View the data per county and town here.


Laboratory-Confirmed COVID-19 Cases 3128 (+557)

COVID-19 Associated Deaths 69 (+33)

Patients Currently Hospitalized with COVID-19 608 (+91)

Patients tested for COVID-19 15600 (+1000)

The Dr. Katherine A. Kelley State Public Health Laboratory has tested a total of 2008 patients for COVID19; 359 (18%) patients tested positive. The graph (image #2) shows the number of patients tested by date specimens were received. Hospital and commercial laboratories also are offering testing for COVID19 in Connecticut; in total, more than 15600 tests have been reported to date.

kerry@ducey.org (State of CT) Neighbors Tue, 31 Mar 2020 13:34:13 -0400
Governor Lamont Announces Mortgage Payment Relief During COVID-19 Crisis https://news.hamlethub.com/wilton/politics/50078-governor-lamont-announces-mortgage-payment-relief-during-covid-19-crisis50078-governor-lamont-announces-mortgage-payment-relief-during-covid-19-crisis https://news.hamlethub.com/wilton/politics/50078-governor-lamont-announces-mortgage-payment-relief-during-covid-19-crisis50078-governor-lamont-announces-mortgage-payment-relief-during-covid-19-crisis

Governor Ned Lamont today announced that his administration has reached an agreement with over 50 credit unions and banks in Connecticut to offer mortgage relief to the state’s residents and businesses who continue to face hardship caused by the global COVID-19 pandemic. Under the agreement, the following relief policies are being offered by participating financial institutions:

  • 90-day grace period for all mortgage payments: Participating financial institutions are now offering mortgage-payment forbearances of up to 90 days, which will allow homeowners to reduce or delay monthly mortgage payments. In addition, the institutions will:
  • Provide a streamlined process for requesting forbearance for COVID-19-related reasons, supported with available documentation;
  • Confirm approval and terms of forbearance program; and
  • Provide the opportunity to extend forbearance agreements if faced with continued hardship resulting from COVID-19.
  • Relief from fees and charges for 90 days: For at least 90 days, participating financial institutions will waive or refund mortgage-related late fees and other fees including early CD withdrawals.
  • No new foreclosures for 60 days: Financial institutions will not start any foreclosure sales or evictions.
  • No credit score changes for accessing relief: For those taking advantage of this COVID-19-related relief, late or missed payments will not be shared with credit reporting agencies.

The agreement, which was negotiated on behalf of the Lamont administration by Commissioner Jorge Perez at the Connecticut Department of Banking, builds upon similar initiatives that have been enacted in recent days in California and New Jersey, and has been endorsed by the Connecticut Bankers Association and the Credit Union League of Connecticut. More than 50 credit unions and banks statewide are participating, including Webster Bank, American Eagle Financial Credit Union, Liberty Bank, Charter Oak Federal Credit Union, Bank of America, Nutmeg State Financial Credit Union, and Peoples United Bank. Additional financial institutions are expected to join the initiative in the coming days. The Department of Banking will maintain updated list of participating institutions on its website.

“This agreement with our financial institutions will allow Connecticut residents to obtain some relief as this public health emergency has had an impact on thousands of people in our state,” Governor Lamont said. “I thank each of these financial institutions that will provide this relief and applaud their participation in this agreement. The way we are going to get through this crisis is by working together, and this is an example of how we are going to get that done.”

The Department of Banking, along with the state’s banks and credit unions, is reminding residents that their money remains safe during the COVID-19 crisis and protected by the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation (FDIC) and National Credit Union Administration (NCUA). No deposits have ever been lost under the protection of the FDIC and NCUA.

“This is a time when we need our entire financial services industry to come together to work tirelessly for the people of Connecticut, which is why I have asked the banks and credit unions to join forces and present one united approach which tells all of Connecticut, ‘We are in this together,’” Commissioner Perez said. “I am pleased to see that these efforts are well underway and that they are helping Connecticut residents work through this challenge.”

Leadership at Connecticut’s credit unions and banks said that they are flexibly meeting member and customer needs everyday on a case-by-case basis in a number of ways that may include fee waivers, access to short-term loans, loan deferrals and uninterrupted access to digital services, even though some credit unions and banks have temporarily limited physical access to their lobbies.

Bruce Adams, president and CEO of the Credit Union League of Connecticut, said, “We view ourselves as the financial first responders in this crisis, and I applaud Governor Lamont and Commissioner Perez for their leadership in partnering with us to provide even more financial solutions for the people of Connecticut.”

Tom Mongellow, president and CEO of the Connecticut Bankers Association, said, “Connecticut banks and credit unions are open for business, and statewide we have quickly and voluntarily responded to Governor Lamont’s and Commissioner Perez’s directives. Our financial institutions continue to ensure the financial well-being of the people and businesses they serve across the state, while protecting the health of their team members and customers.”

Adams and Mongellow are stressing that customers with loans should stay in close contact with their financial institution to identify their particular needs and work on customized solutions. They are also reminding customers that measures to protect people's health and safety continue to be available:

  • Drive-through services are available at numerous branches;
  • Individual appointments for in-person meetings are available at many financial institutions;
  • Call centers employees stand ready to assist customers and members;
  • Technology platforms give ready access to online services like bill pay, transfers, remote depositing of checks and ATMs for cash needs; and
  • People can use mobile payment channels and debit cards or credit cards to make purchases.

Questions and Answers on Connecticut’s COVID-19 Mortgage Relief Agreement

How do I get mortgage relief and/or forbearance?

You should contact and work directly with your mortgage servicer to learn about and apply for available relief. Please note that financial institutions and their servicers are experiencing high volumes of inquiries.

How long will the forbearance last?

 Participating financial institutions are now offering mortgage-payment forbearances of up to 90 days, which will allow homeowners to reduce or delay monthly mortgage payments.

What effect will this have on my credit report?

Financial institutions will not report derogatory information (e.g., late payments) to credit reporting agencies but may report a forbearance, which typically does not alone negatively affect a credit score.

How long will these programs last?

It is still unclear how severe or how long the COVID-19 impacts will be. Financial institutions have committed to necessary relief and will be assessing the ongoing conditions and necessity of continuing relief.

What if my financial institution isn’t offering this relief?

At this time, Webster Bank, American Eagle Financial Credit Union, Liberty Bank, Charter Oak Federal Credit Union, Bank of America, Nutmeg State Financial Credit Union, and Peoples United Bank, in addition to over 50 other federal and state-chartered banks, credit unions, and servicers are supporting these commitments. The state will welcome any other institution that would like to meet the moment and provide much-needed financial relief to Connecticut residents. The Department of Banking will publish a list of participating financial institutions on its website in the coming days.

What if I already made a payment or was hit with a fee because of COVID-19?

These measures go into effect as of March 31, 2020.

Is the mortgage relief available to businesses?

The relief is currently only available for residential mortgages.

What if my mortgage servicer is not communicative or cooperative?

You can file a complaint with the Department of Banking through the complaint form on the department website or by contacting the department at 860-240-8299 or 1-800-831-7225 (9:00 am to 5:00 pm EST Monday through Friday).

What impact does the CARES Act have?

The CARES Act has important protections for renters and homeowners. In particular, homeowners with mortgage loans that are backed by the federal government through the FHA, Freddie Mac, Fannie Mae, or other agencies can receive significant forbearance.

How about commercial loans and commercial mortgages?

Commercial loan or commercial mortgage customers should know that all financial institutions are working proactively with each commercial borrower experiencing challenges. Any bank or credit union commercial customer having financial difficulty, whether for-profit or nonprofit, should call their financial institution as soon as possible. Several important governmental actions have and will provide relief to businesses.

The Lamont administration’s quick actions resulted in Connecticut being one of the first states where businesses can access the U.S. Small Business Administration’s (SBA) economic injury disaster loan program for up to $2 million dollars. In addition, the Connecticut Department of Economic and Community Development quickly created the Connecticut Recovery Bridge Loan program, which will provide up to $50 million of loans to small businesses and nonprofits

Importantly, last week Congress passed the important CARES Act, which includes the Paycheck Protection Program (PPP) and will provide loans and grants of up to $10 million, for companies of up to 500 employees. A wide variety of businesses will be eligible for the PPP as soon as next week and they include but are not limited to: private and public businesses, self-employed and independent contractors, nonprofits, veterans’ organizations, and tribal business concerns. Additional information on the PPP should be available from the SBA early next week.

In addition to the PPP, banks and credit unions continue to work with their commercial customers on a case by case basis to address the financial needs of their impacted business. We encourage any impacted commercial customers to contact their financial institution.

kerry@ducey.org (Gov. Ned Lamont) Politics Tue, 31 Mar 2020 13:18:35 -0400
Western Connecticut Youth Orchestra Offers Online Program, Extends Registration for Charles Ives Music Festival https://news.hamlethub.com/wilton/neighbors/50077-western-connecticut-youth-orchestra-offers-online-program-extends-registration-for-charles-ives-music-festival50077-western-connecticut-youth-orchestra-offers-online-program-extends-registration-for-charles-ives-music-festival https://news.hamlethub.com/wilton/neighbors/50077-western-connecticut-youth-orchestra-offers-online-program-extends-registration-for-charles-ives-music-festival50077-western-connecticut-youth-orchestra-offers-online-program-extends-registration-for-charles-ives-music-festival

Each week the WCYO conductors, under the leadership of Music Director Eric Mahl, are providing on-line virtual rehearsals and video tutorials for our Symphony Orchestra, String Ensemble and Wind Ensemble. Students are asked to rehearse at home to a full ensemble recording then perform with their peers led by soloists in the on-line gatherings with their conductor. “We were all so happy to see the musicians again in our first virtual gathering,” said Executive Director, Ruth Feldman, “and we are learning how to navigate the technology, finding our way as an ensemble to keep making music together and enjoy the camaraderie that a youth orchestra like the WCYO offers.”

The program will continue to evolve over these next weeks with the addition of on-line conductors’ hours, similar to office-hours, for questions and sectional-based musical exploration. Assuming the continuation of current gathering restrictions, the season will conclude with a compilation of individual performances into a virtual ensemble video recording of select movements from Symphony No. 2 by Alexander Borodin for the Symphony Orchestra, Capriol Suite for Strings by Peter Warlock for the String Ensemble, and Second Suite in F by Gustov Holst for the Wind Ensemble and virtually viewed on what would have been the WCYO spring concert day, May 31st.

Additionally, CIMF Artistic Director Paul Frucht continues to work with his exciting team of Artist/Faculty to provide a dynamic and fun summer program for area adult and youth musicians. CIMF is offering a Chamber Music Program on August 5th - 8th for adults (21 and older) and a Chamber Music and Orchestra Program for youth (21 years old and younger with at least two year’s experience on their instrument) for the week of August 10th -16th. Youth musicians do not need to be a member of a WCYO ensemble to participate. CIMF will also present a series of concerts for the community featuring cellist Julian Schwartz, pianist Marika Bournaki, the Ulysses Quartet, and more. To accommodate the changing summer schedules of so many, CIMF will continue to accept applications for the workshops until April 20th and for select instruments on a rolling basis. All auditions can be submitted via video.

WCYO is based in Ridgefield, CT and serves youth musicians from over 20 area towns and offers concerts, music workshops and masterclasses for adults and youth through CIMF. To learn more about the WCYO or CIMF, please visit our websites at wctyo.org and charlesivesmusicfestival.org or email us at wcyo@wctyo.org.

kerry@ducey.org (Ruth Feldman) Neighbors Tue, 31 Mar 2020 11:47:47 -0400
Ambler Farm Virtual Home Garden Workshop on April 7 https://news.hamlethub.com/wilton/events/50076-ambler-farm-virtual-home-garden-workshop-on-april-750076-ambler-farm-virtual-home-garden-workshop-on-april-7 https://news.hamlethub.com/wilton/events/50076-ambler-farm-virtual-home-garden-workshop-on-april-750076-ambler-farm-virtual-home-garden-workshop-on-april-7

Jonathan, Jonathan, Farmer Jonathan, how does your garden grow? Find out on Tuesday, April 7 when Ambler Farm goes virtual from 9:30 to 10:45am!

Have you always wanted to amp up your home garden with produce, herbs and/or flowers?


This will be a live VIRTUAL workshop from your home device: a meeting link will be emailed to you with informational handouts a few days before the workshop. Have your gardening questions ready!

Click HERE to learn more and register for our first-ever, Home Garden Workshop you can enjoy from your home!

If you have any questions, feel free to email laura@amblerfarm.org.

We hope to see your beautiful faces on our computer screen soon!



 #WhereGoodThingsGrow #HomeGardenWorkshop #GreenTimeScreenTime

This will be a live VIRTUAL workshop from your home device: a meeting link will be emailed to you with informational handouts a few days before the workshop. Have your gardening questions ready!


kerry@ducey.org (Ambler Farm) Events Tue, 31 Mar 2020 08:48:02 -0400
Gov Lamont Announces Open Fishing Season for Connecticut https://news.hamlethub.com/wilton/places/50075-gov-lamont-announces-open-fishing-season-for-connecticut-158567231650075-gov-lamont-announces-open-fishing-season-for-connecticut-1585672316 https://news.hamlethub.com/wilton/places/50075-gov-lamont-announces-open-fishing-season-for-connecticut-158567231650075-gov-lamont-announces-open-fishing-season-for-connecticut-1585672316

This week, Governor Lamont signed an Executive Order that included the early opening of the fishing season in Connecticut. With spring showing its early colors, fishing is a perfect outdoor activity. It states:

opening the fishing season early in inland waters will help to limit community spread of COVID-19 by eliminating the large crowds that often accompany the traditional Opening Day of fishing in April

If you are suffering from cabin fever, head to your favorite fishing hole and drop in a line! Remember, even while fishing or engaging in any outdoor activity, social distancing is a MUST. Please remain 6' apart!

During this time of social distancing, fishing should be enjoyed as solitary experience or with members of the immediate household, not as a group activity. DEEP is encouraging all anglers to follow social distancing practices. Anglers should maintain a distance of at least six feet from others, practice good personal hygiene, stay home and away from others if they feel sick, and avoid areas where anglers or others congregate. All other fishing laws and regulations, including requirements for a fishing license and trout and salmon stamp when needed, and all methods, creel limits and length limits remain in effect. More information and a helpful FAQ can be found on DEEP’s website

Please refer constituents to https://portal.ct.gov/DEEP/Fishing/CT-Fishing for more information. We continue to stock trout and plan on completely our spring 2020 stockings. Below you will find the listings of our stockings so far this spring. Anglers should also check out our Interactive Stocking map at: https://ctdeep.maps.arcgis.com/apps/webappviewer/index.html?id=70d13bc033854b89a87c04b1d11b1a43

You can find a helpful video here: https://www.facebook.com/CTFishAndWildlife/videos/1147555402243388/

A list of the fishing spots are listed below:

Around Bridgeport/Danbury/Norwalk/Stamford:

Lakes - Ball Pond, Beardsley Park Pond, Blanchard Pond, Candlewood Lake, Cobbs Mill Pond, Disbrow Pond, Factory Pond, Great Hollow Pond, Housatonic Lake, Isinglass Reservoir (Farmill), Lake Kenosia, Lake Lillinonah, Lake Zoar, Mamanasco Lake, Miller’s Pond, Mohegan Lake, Nells Rock Reservoir, Pierrepont Pond, Saugatuck Reservoir, Shelton Reservoir #2, Silvermine Pond, Squantz Pond, Starrett Pond, Tollgate Pond, Tungsten Mine Park Pond, Twin Brooks Park Pond, West Pequonnock Reservoir
Major Trout Streams – Aspetuck, Byram, Farmill, Mianus, Mill, Morrissey Brook, Norwalk, Pequonnock, Pond Brook, Pootatuck, Rippowam, Saugatuck

Around Hartford/New Britain:

Lakes - Angus Park Pond, Batterson Park Pond, Broad Brook Mill Pond, Brookfield Pond, Congamond Lakes, Freshwater Pond, Howells Pond, Manitook Lake, Rainbow Reservoir, St Martha’s Pond, Salmon Brook Pond, Salters Pond, Silver Lake, Stratton Brook Park Pond
Major Trout Streams – Blackledge, Cherry Brook, Coppermine Brook, Dickenson Creek, Farmington, Fawn Brook, Pequabuck, Podunk, Raymond Brook, Roaring Brook, Salmon Brook, Scantic, Stony Brook, Stratton Brook

Around Middletown/East Haddam:

Lakes - Bashan Lake, Beseck Lake, Black Pond, Cedar Lake, Dooley Pond, Great Hill Pond, Higganum Reservoir, Lake Hayward, Messerschmidt’s Pond, Miller’s Pond, Moodus Reservoir, Pataconk Lake, Pistol Shop Pond, Schreeder Pond

Major Trout Streams – Coginchaug, Hammonasset, Hemlock Valley Brook, Pine Brook, Salmon

Around New Haven/Naugatuck:

Lakes - Axle Shop Pond, Baldwin Pond, Barber Pond, Beaver Park Lagoon, Black Pond, Clarks Mill Pond, Clarktown Pond, Dayton Pond, Hancock Brook Flood Control Pond, Hop Brook Flood Control Pond, Housatonic Lake, Lake Chamberlain, Lake Lillinonah, Lake Saltonstall, Lake Stibbs, Lake Wintergreen, Lake Zoar, Maltby Lakes, North Farms Reservoir, Pages Millpond, Picketts Pond, Prospect Park Pond, Quonnipaug Lake, Scovill Reservoir, Silver Lake, Southford Falls Pond, Upper Fulton Park Pond, Wards Millpond, Wharton Pond, Woodruff’s Pond

Major Trout Streams – Bladens Brook, Branford, Chatfield Hollow Brook, Eight Mile Brook, Farm, Hop Brook, Little, Menunketesuck Brook, Mill, Muddy, Nonnewaug, Pomperaug, Quinnipiac, Sprain Brook, Weekeepeemee Brook, Wepawaug

Around New London/Norwich:

Lakes - Amos Lake, Andersons Pond, Ashland Pond, Aspinook Pond, Avery Pond, Babcock Pond, Billings Lake, Bog Meadow Pond, Day Pond, Dodge Pond, Fitchville Pond, Fort Shantok Pond, Gardner Lake, Glasgo Pond, Godfrey Pond, Gorton Pond, Green Falls Reservoir, Hallville Pond, Hewitt Flyfishing Pond, Hewitt Pond (lower), Hodge Pond, Hopeville Pond, Horse Pond, Lake of Isles, Lantern Hill Pond, Long Pond, Mohegan Park Pond, Norwich Pond, Pachaug Pond, Pataganset Lake, Pickerel Lake, Powers Lake, Red Cedar Lake, Rogers Lake, Savin Lake, Sawmill Park Pond, Uncas Lake, Wyassup Lake

Major Trout Streams – Beaver Brook, Broad Brook, Choate Brook, Eight Mile, Gardner Brook, Green Falls, Hunts Brook, Indiantown Brook, Jeremy, Judd Brook, Latimers Brook, Meadow Brook, Mt Misery Brook, Myron Kinney Brook, Pachaug, Salmon, Shunock Brook, Susquetonscut Brook, Whitford’s, Wood, Yantic

Around Torrington/Winsted:

Lakes - Bantam Lake, Black Rock Pond, Black Rock Flood Control Pond, Burr Pond, Colebrook Flood Control Pond, Dog Pond, East Twin Lake, Hatch Pond, Highland Lake, Indian Pond, Lake Lillinonah, Lake McDonough, Leonard Pond, Mad River Flood Control Pond, Mohawk Pond, Mt. Tom Pond, Mudge Pond, Northfield Brook Flood Control Pond, Northfield Cutlery Co. Pond, Park Pond, South Spectacle Pond, Stillwater Pond, Tyler Pond, Waramaug Lake, West Branch (Hogsback) Reservoir, West Hill Pond, West Side Pond, West Twin Lake, Winchester Lake, Winnemaug Lake, Wononscopomuc Lake, Wood Creek Pond, Zeiner’s Pond

Major Trout Streams – Aspetuck, Bantam, Blackberry, Butternut Brook, Carse Brook, Farmington, Furnace Brook, Hall Meadow Brook, Housatonic, Lead Mine Brook, Macedonia Brook, Mad, Morgan Brook, Morissey Brook, Naugatuck, Nepaug, Pomperaug, Sandy Brook, Shepaug, Still, Whiting

Around Vernon/Mansfield:

Lakes - Bald Mountain Pond, Bigelow Pond, Bishop Swamp, Bolton Lakes, Bolton Notch Pond, Breakneck Pond, Coventry Lake, Crystal Lake, Eagleville Lake, Gay City Park Pond, Hamilton Reservoir, Holbrook Pond, Johnson Pond, Lafayette Pond, Mansfield Hollow Reservoir, Mansfield Training School Ponds, Mashapaug Lake, Mono Pond, Morey Pond, Shenipsit Reservoir, Somersville Mill Pond, Stateline Pond, Tankerhoosen Lakes, Walkers Reservoir, Whitney Flood Control Pond

Major Trout Streams - Bigelow Brook, Blackledge, Broad Brook, Charter Brook, Crystal Lake Brook, Fawn Brook, Fenton, Furnace Brook, Great Meadow Brook, Hockanum, Hop, Judd Brook, Mt Hope, Natchaug, Quanduck Brook, Quinebaug, Roaring Brook, Scantic, Skungamaug, Tankerhoosen, Willimantic

Around Willimantic/Danielson:

Lakes - Alexander Lake, Beach Pond, Beachdale Pond, Beaver Brook Ponds, Bicentennial Pond, Black Pond, Griggs Pond, Halls Pond, Hampton Reservoir, Keach Pond, Killingly Pond, Lawton Pond, Little Pond, Moosup Pond, Muddy Pond, Paine Pond, Perry Pond, Pine Acres Lake, Quaddick Reservoir, Roseland Lake, Ross Pond, Tetrault Pond, Wauregan Reservoir, West Thompson Lake

Major Trout Streams - Bigelow Brook, Blackwells Brook, Five Mile Brook, Five Mile R, French, Kitt Brook, Little, Mashamoquet Brook, Merrick Brook, Middle, Mount Misery, Muddy Brook, Natchaug, Quinebaug, Shetucket, Snake Meadow Brook, Still, Willimantic

Content last reviewed March 2020.


cronmpuser@hamlethub.com (CT Fish and Wildlife) Places Tue, 31 Mar 2020 07:22:40 -0400
Wilton Coronavirus Update: Case Data, More SB Relief and Resident Concerns https://news.hamlethub.com/wilton/neighbors/50074-wilton-coronavirus-update-case-data-more-sb-relief-and-resident-concerns50074-wilton-coronavirus-update-case-data-more-sb-relief-and-resident-concerns https://news.hamlethub.com/wilton/neighbors/50074-wilton-coronavirus-update-case-data-more-sb-relief-and-resident-concerns50074-wilton-coronavirus-update-case-data-more-sb-relief-and-resident-concerns

CT DPH reports 2,571 laboratory-confirmed statewide cases with 1,445 or 56% in Fairfield County and 44 in Wilton, along with 36 deaths statewide. The number of cases requiring hospitalization is 517. Thursday, the number was 125. Again, we think the actual number of cases is higher than reported.  If you have received a confirmed or presumptive positive test and you have not been contacted by the Wilton Health Department, please contact the department

Two new small business assistance programs were announced today:

  • The State is offering a two-month sales tax remittance deferral for businesses that remitted $150,000 or less in sales taxes last year
  • Eversource is offering an extended payment program to their small business customers with $0 down payment and a 12-month payment arrangement, with the first payment not due until June 1st.

The following are the topics we are hearing about from residents:

  • Concerns with the appropriateness of road paving at this time. Both in terms of safety and fiscal prudence:
  • As far as safety, procedures to ensure social distancing were discussed prior to the start of the work.  They include: employees driving in separate cars, no eating lunch together, maintaining proper distance while manually spreading the asphalt and only one employee in each the truck.  Road paving is classified as essential and requires no interaction with residents.  The Governor has strongly urged municipalities to continue paving to both help the economy and to allow these businesses and their employees to continue to have incomes.
  • As far as fiscal prudence, obviously, we don’t know the fiscal fallout from this crisis, but it is top of mind.  We may decide to dial back from our planned 15 miles per year, but we think it is premature to cease paving all together, which would mean more deterioration and higher costs in the future.   
  • Concerns of overcrowded grocery stores on Saturday as residents, concerned about talk of a quarantine, rushed to stock up.  In turn, the stores weren’t very busy on Sunday and someone, who arrived at the start of senior hours today at one of the Wilton grocery stores, reported he was the only one shopping at the time.  Two things:
  • Even when there was a quarantine in New Rochelle, trucks were able to deliver to stores. 
  • Be strategic about when you shop.  If the parking lot is half-full or more, go back later or the next morning.  Go alone and while there, behave as if you have the virus and as if those around you do as well.
  • Concerns about dogs on leashes making it difficult to keep a safe social distance on the NRVT.  If you have a dog with you, please be mindful of keeping the leash at a length that allows other walkers to maintain 6 feet of distance from you, your dog and other walkers. 
  • Concerns about price gouging on rentals and evictions by owners to take advantage of opportunities to rent to someone else at a significantly higher price.  
  • Price gouging is prohibited and complaints are being taken very seriously at this time.  The Attorney General’s website has information on how to file a complaint.
  • Renters have numerous protections including a judicial stay on eviction cases until May 30th.

Today, the Governor issued Executive Order 7Q which addresses child care centers and notaries. 


kerry@ducey.org (Wilton First Selectwoman Lynne Vanderslice ) Neighbors Tue, 31 Mar 2020 05:10:15 -0400
Governor Lamont Announces Governor’s Health System Response Team https://news.hamlethub.com/wilton/politics/50073-governor-lamont-announces-governor-s-health-system-response-team50073-governor-lamont-announces-governor-s-health-system-response-team https://news.hamlethub.com/wilton/politics/50073-governor-lamont-announces-governor-s-health-system-response-team50073-governor-lamont-announces-governor-s-health-system-response-team

Governor Ned Lamont today announced details on the latest collaboration to assist in the state’s coordinated response to the COVID-19 pandemic. He is appointing the CEOs of three of the largest hospital systems in Connecticut – Hartford HealthCare, Nuvance Health, and Yale New Haven Health – to serve as co-chairs of the Governor’s Health System Response Team.

In coordination with the Connecticut Hospital Association and the state’s other hospitals, the health care leaders will advise the governor, the Department of Public Health and the rest of the state’s Emergency Support Functions in the Unified Command structure on the proper allocation and distribution of needed resources, supplies, and personnel, throughout the duration of the public health emergency.

The co-chairs of the Governor’s Health System Response Team include:

  • Jeffrey Flaks, President and CEO of Hartford Healthcare: Backus Hospital, Charlotte Hungerford Hospital, Hartford Hospital, The Hospital of Central Connecticut, MidState Medical Center, St. Vincent’s Medical Center, Windham Hospital
  • John Murphy, MD, President and CEO Nuvance Health: Danbury Hospital, New Milford Hospital, Norwalk Hospital, Sharon Hospital
  • Marna Borgstrom, CEO Yale New Haven Health: Bridgeport Hospital, Greenwich Hospital, Lawrence & Memorial Hospital, Yale New Haven Hospital, Yale New Haven Children’s Hospital

The three hospital systems represent close to 70 percent of the state’s hospital infrastructure across 14 acute care hospitals and numerous additional facilities. The CEOs will also work in close collaboration with the Connecticut Hospital Association to ensure that all hospitals are represented in discussions on resource allocations.

This group has already been consulting on a regular basis with the Lamont administration prior to the confirmation of the first positive case in the state, and that work will provide the foundation of the plans and actions as the state’s health care system handles an expected surge of COVID-19 cases.

Governor Lamont said, “Our state is going to get through this by working together, and that includes making sure our hospitals are at the table working directly with my administration to ensure they have access to the resources they need. These are experts in the healthcare field and our state is incredibly fortunate to have such experience providing counsel as we look to keep as many of our residents safe and healthy as possible.”

Flaks said, “I am inspired every day by my colleagues in health care across the state. They are true heroes, working in challenging times. Our focus is clear: we are doing all we can to stop the spread of COVID-19, protect the health and safety of our patients and our colleagues, and make sure we are ready to serve Connecticut and those affected by the virus. This is a once-in-a lifetime public health emergency and there is no doubt – together, we are stronger.”

Dr. Murphy said, “As we continue to navigate through this unprecedented health emergency, we know our collective response for the people of Connecticut will be stronger because of this collaborative approach.”

Borgstrom said, “A virus like COVID-19 does not differentiate by town, city or state lines. It doesn’t respect how big or small a hospital is when it strikes a community. If we are to be successful in fighting the spread of COVID-19, we need to work together across regions and across health care systems.”

Jennifer Jackson, CEO of the Connecticut Hospital Association, said, “Connecticut’s hospitals are prepared and committed to fighting COVID-19 together. The ongoing, strong collaboration among all hospitals across the state will improve the care for Connecticut patients battling this disease.”

kerry@ducey.org (Gov. Ned Lamont) Politics Mon, 30 Mar 2020 13:04:49 -0400
Alessandra Uriarte of Wilton Named to St. Lawrence University's Dean's List https://news.hamlethub.com/wilton/neighbors/50072-alessandra-uriarte-of-wilton-named-to-st-lawrence-university-s-dean-s-list50072-alessandra-uriarte-of-wilton-named-to-st-lawrence-university-s-dean-s-list https://news.hamlethub.com/wilton/neighbors/50072-alessandra-uriarte-of-wilton-named-to-st-lawrence-university-s-dean-s-list50072-alessandra-uriarte-of-wilton-named-to-st-lawrence-university-s-dean-s-list

Alessandra L. Uriarte has been selected for inclusion on St. Lawrence University's Dean's List for academic achievement during the Spring 2019 semester.

Uriarte is a member of the Class of 2021 and is majoring in psychology. Uriarte attended Wilton High School.

To be eligible for the Dean's List, a student must have completed at least four courses and have an academic average of 3.6 based on a 4.0 scale for the semester.

Founded in 1856, St. Lawrence University is a private, independent liberal arts institution of about 2,500 students located in Canton, New York. The educational opportunities at St. Lawrence inspire students and prepare them to be critical and creative thinkers, to find a compass for their lives and careers, and to pursue knowledge and understanding for the benefit of themselves, humanity and the planet. Through its focus on active engagement with ideas in and beyond the classroom, a St. Lawrence education leads students to make connections that transform lives and communities, from the local to the global. Visit www.stlawu.edu.

kerry@ducey.org ( St. Lawrence University) Neighbors Mon, 30 Mar 2020 08:57:16 -0400
Wilton Library remains closed until further notice, book sale fundraiser and Wilton Reads rescheduled https://news.hamlethub.com/wilton/places/50071-wilton-library-remains-closed-until-further-notice-book-sale-fundraiser-and-wilton-reads-rescheduled50071-wilton-library-remains-closed-until-further-notice-book-sale-fundraiser-and-wilton-reads-rescheduled https://news.hamlethub.com/wilton/places/50071-wilton-library-remains-closed-until-further-notice-book-sale-fundraiser-and-wilton-reads-rescheduled50071-wilton-library-remains-closed-until-further-notice-book-sale-fundraiser-and-wilton-reads-rescheduled

In compliance with medical recommendations and Governor Lamont’s Executive Order 7H, Wilton Library will remain closed to the public until further notice. This regulation stipulates that nonprofits reduce in-person (on-site) workforce by 100%, which the library has done. The mandate also includes the library’s drive thru window. The library had previously stated it was closed through March 31. The systematic deep cleaning of the library continues with a defined schedule.

Given this latest development, the library has put a hold on its Gigantic April Book Sale along with other programs scheduled for the month, including the Wilton Reads 2020 Tales of the Jazz Age community-wide reading program.

Elaine Tai-Lauria, executive director of Wilton Library, said, “It saddens us to have to do this but we understand that this is what is required for the health of the community. We are following all the recommended local, state and federal guidelines and we will be back in force as soon as it is deemed safe for all. We will work diligently to reschedule our very important book sale fundraiser and our Wilton Reads program, as well as other programs and events. We miss seeing our patrons and very much look forward to welcoming everyone again.”

Although the physical building is closed to library patrons, the library is open online full-time, 24/7. Patrons are able to download eBooks, eAudiobooks and eMagazines, stream movies, TV shows and music, learn new skills and languages, all through the library’s Digital Library and research databases at www.wiltonlibrary.org using their Wilton Library card. Non-Wilton residents should check for these services with their hometown libraries.

Tai-Lauria added, “Our doors and drive-thru window are closed at this time, but library staff are vigorously working remotely to respond to our patrons. In addition to answering questions, issuing library cards, adding digital resources, assisting patrons to utilize online resources, and meeting virtually, we also are enhancing our digital and online services platform. Just the other day we added enhancements such as pre-recorded story times. Now the children can see familiar staff members telling them stories.” Storytimes can be accessed through the library’s website at www.wiltonlibrary.org and clicking on Children’s Remote Services.

The library’s “At Home with Wilton Library” series emails are being sent out every few days to keep people connected to the library. People working from home might find helpful skills using online tutorials from lynda.com, try new recipes using eCookbooks, or find wonderful ideas to make weekends at home productive and entertaining. People can join the library’s mailing list to learn about new resources and staff suggestions of digital content. To sign-up for these informative emails, visit www.wiltonlibrary.org and click on “Join the Week Ahead mailing list.”

Tai-Lauria noted, “This is a very challenging time for all of us. As the adage goes: “Necessity is the mother of invention” – this pandemic has indeed stimulated incredible creativity among the library team as they continue to innovate our library services to meet the community’s needs.”

The library’s reference librarians are a click away for anyone having questions. They can be reached at reference@wiltonlibrary.org. For patrons needing updated or new Wilton Library cards, please call 203-762-6334 and leave a message with name, number and email address.

Two frequently asked questions are about overdue library items and book donations. Since the blue return bin is closed, patrons should keep their library items at home. Any overdue fees will be waived until further notice and due dates will be adjusted. During this time, the library’s book donation bins are closed. People are being asked to keep their donations until further notice.



kerry@ducey.org (Janet Crystal) Places Mon, 30 Mar 2020 04:58:55 -0400