RVNA Health Source: The H Word

The word “hospice” is often misunderstood. It can stall conversations and introduce discomfort.  Yet it’s a word that comes from “hospes,” which in Latin means both “guest” and “host,” and which is at the root of many beautiful words of welcome and care: hospitality, hostel, hospital.   

At RVNA, which officially added Hospice services – in private homes, skilled nursing facilities, assisted living facilities, etc. -- to our offerings last November, Hospice means not only ‘welcome,’ it also means ‘hope’ and “comfort.” 

“Hospice care is such a special type of care, at such an important time,” says RVNA Chief Clinical Officer Keri Linardi, RN, BSN, PHN, CHPCA.  “Hospice care is for both the individual and the family and it extends beyond the physical to support emotional, spiritual, and mental needs as well.  Hospice care is truly different for every person and family it touches. Hospice care helps to fulfill last wishes, manage symptoms, and encourage important and meaningful conversations ranging from treatment choices to joyful reminiscences of a life well spent.” 

Yet the goal of hospice care is constant. To provide end-of-life comfort and peace for individuals and families through a dedicated, experienced, and kind hospice team. 

For more information on RVNA Hospice services, visit ridgefieldvna.org/hospice/


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