Wilton COVID-19 Update: Merwin Meadows Closed, Tennis Court Reservations, Phase 2 Slated to Begin June 20

If the State meets the five metrics required to move to the next phase,  Phase 2 will begin on June 20th.  For those planning a wedding or a family gathering this summer, during Phase 2 outdoor gatherings will be allowed for up to 50 people.  During Phase 3, outdoor gatherings will be allowed for up to 100 people.

The Governor also shared businesses and activities that would be allowed to open in Phase 2, but it was noted that the guidelines for Phase 2 have not been written. We do not know what limitations and restrictions will be placed on those businesses and activities during Phase 2.  Further details are not expected to be available for at least two weeks.

When making an on-line reservation on e-Trak for the WHS/RT7 tennis courts, please note that court one will be displayed first.  If court one is occupied, click on the down arrow to scroll through the other courts to find an available court. 

Merwin Meadows will not be open for the Memorial Day weekend.  Reopening Merwin Meadows is more complicated than the previously reopened recreational facilities. We do anticipate reopening the park on a limited and restricted basis within the next two weeks, including no lifeguards and no swimming.  Currently, all State inland parks are closed for swimming.  


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