Wilton Storm Update, Thursday Afternoon: WiFi at Town Hall, WHS, Comstock, Water at Fire Station, Vanderslice Pushes for Crew in Wilton!

Isaias Update: Removal, Restoration, WiFi and Charging Stations & Transfer Station

Today’s midday status from First Selectman Lynne Vanderslice

As reported by the Governor and State Officials, Eversource planned for a much smaller event, expecting on 350,000 power outages. As of 12:30 p.m., 533,412 were without power statewide.  5,450 were without power in Wilton, a few less than last night.  No change to towns in our area. 

We have a full-court press as we try to get more crews into Wilton. We have a 5:15 call with the Governor.  

Tree Removal/Road Clearing:

  • DPW and Parks and Grounds personnel continue to clear roads and areas with downed trees and debris.  
  • Eversource contracted crews from Canada are again in town clearing wires and trees for when power can be restored.  They are not authorized by Eversource to address the landlocked roads. It makes no sense, but nonetheless, thank you Canadians for getting here quickly!  
  • The road clearing crews, who handle priority roads and areas like Wilton Center,  are normally first on scene in less than 48 hours. There is no answer from Eversource why they weren’t and aren’t here.  
  • Town personnel cannot cut trees that contain wires, as wires could become electrified and electrocute those town personnel.  Eversource personnel have access to and coordinate with Eversource transmission personnel to ensure the wires aren’t electrified while the work is being performed.  That option isn’t available for municipalities.
  • If you are able, please stay off the roads.

Power Restoration:

  • Eversource’s current statement is they expect to have restoration information available tonight. 
  • Eversource also provided the following: 
  1. Staging areas at Danbury Welcome Center, Eversource’s Waterbury Area Work Center and Lake Compounce in Bristol are set up to receiving outside crews and expediting delivery of equipment to locations where repairs are being made. 
  2. Additional crews arrived yesterday, Wednesday, August 5, from Canada, Pennsylvania and Massachusetts to assist with restoration efforts. More crews will be arriving throughout the day.
  3. The damage from this storm cannot be overstated and our damage assessment is ongoing.
  4. Though it is early in our assessment, as of 8 a.m., Thursday, August 6, our patrollers identified:

2,600 downed spans of electrical wire

1,829 trees to be removed

605 blocked roads

142 damaged transformers


WiFi Access and Charging Stations

  • Town Hall:  A WiFi hotspot is now available on the back (vestibule) side of Town Hall.  Is it accessible from the parking areas.  If you do leave your car to access the hot spot, please maintain social distance.  The name is Towguest.  The password is Warrior1.
  • Wilton High School: WiFi is accessible in the parking lot between the Field House and Lilly Field.  Password is Warrior 1.  Please maintain social distance.
  • Comstock:  Beginning tonight, residents can sign-up for 2-hour access inside Comstock for WiFi use and electronics charging:
    1. Weeknights open from 4:30 p.m. to 8:30 p.m.  
    2. Saturday and Sunday from 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. 
    3. Sign-up via e-Trak or by calling (weekdays) or visiting Comstock if you can’t access e-Trak.  
    4. Walk-ins are allowed, if space is available.
    5. You must wear a mask and complete a contact form.
    6. Bring your devise and extension cords.
    7. Socially distant tables and chairs provided.
    8. Staff will be onsite
    9. No bathrooms.
    10. Currently, air conditioning isn’t working. Awaiting repair. 

Other Information:

  • Water is available at the Fire Station.  Please bring a container and call ahead or knock on the back door on the Town Hall side of the building.  Oxygen is not available. 
  • As of tomorrow, Friday, the Transfer Station returns to regular hours for residents only. No haulers. 

Another update will be provided this evening.  If you wish to contact me please email at  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .  Thank you for your patience.