Town of Wilton Red Alert Guidance, Public Safety Impact, COVID Alert App

Red Alert Status and Guidance

Yesterday, CT DPH classified Wilton as a red alert community based on new cases, exclusive of residents living in nursing or assisted living facilities, from October 25th through November 7th.  Red alert communities are those with an average 14-day daily case rate per 100,000 residents of 15 or higher.  Wilton’s rate was 16.7, comprised of 14 during the week of October 25th  through October 31st and 29 during the week of November 1st through November 7th

 Recommendations for red alert communities include the following:

  • Town:  Cancel public events and limit community gathering points.
  • Schools:  Consider distance learning if above 25.
  • Organizations:  Postpone all indoor activities.  Postpone outdoor activities where mask wearing or social distancing cannot be maintained.
  • Individuals:  Limit trips outside the home.  Avoid gatherings with non-family members.

Residents’ behavior will determine what actions the Town takes in response to our red alert status. This past weekend, myself and others walked the NRVT, Wilton Center and other locations to observe behavior.  The result was Monday’s announcement that trail users, whether walking, running or biking, are required to stay right and in single file when passing alongside another user on the trail.  And Monday’s reminder that masks are required when passing another individual even when biking or running.  We continue to monitor and will restrict access,  if these simple restrictions aren’t followed.  

Public Safety Impact

Just like our schools, our public safety departments have been impacted by required quarantines due to exposure. Recently, police and fire staffing was down 25% due to quarantining. The numbers can grow quickly. Police and fire officers experiencing increasing required overtime to cover for those quarantined.  Those additional hours mean more opportunity for exposure for those officers, additional costs for the Town and potential burnout. 

The departments didn’t experience this level of exposure during the spring, as most residents were staying home.  How can you help?  Reduce required responses by following the law and being smart about your personal property. Don’t be that guy or gal driving 45 or 50 mph on local roads.  With less cars on the road, drivers are driving faster than ever, leading to calls for enforcement and accidents.  Lock your vehicles.  Police are still responding to thefts of or within unlocked cars.  Thieves continue to target Wilton because residents make it easy. 

COVID Alert App

Today, the State introduced an app to alert you if you have been exposed to the virus.  Utilization of the app will allow for expedited notification.  Please learn more here and consider signing up.  The more residents who participate, the more effective the program.

CT Cares Small Business Grant Program

Applications for this program can be submitted beginning this evening. Small businesses and nonprofits with a 2019 annualized payroll of less than $1.5 million or 20 or fewer employees may be eligible for a one-time grant of $5,000. Grants will be disbursed by the end of December and will not require repayment.

The grant can be used for rent, payroll, utilities, inventory or compliance with the sector rules. Details, including eligibility requirements and the application, are available here.

 Today, the State reported an additional 2,746 COVID cases, 42 hospitalizations, and 11 deaths since yesterday, Thursday, Nov. 12.

Read the complete report HERE.


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