It's Earth Day! 5th Grade Wilton Student Designs Reusable Bag to Support Wilton Go Green

Just in time for Earth Day, we are excited to share a wonderful story and opportunity to support Wilton Go Green. 
A few months ago Caroline, a 5th grade student in Wilton, had a conversation with her mom on ways to make money that could help others. Caroline put her love of art to work and designed her very own Wilton/Earth Day inspired logo that she then had put on a reusable bag. Caroline and her mom reached out to Wilton Go Green informing us they had chosen our organization to support with the proceeds from selling these bags. 
We could not be more honored to have been chosen to receive the proceeds. 
We are excited to not only share with you an opportunity to purchase one of Caroline's bags but also show Caroline how one simple act of kindness can go a long way. 
Caroline is selling the bag for $10 with proceeds going to Wilton Go Green. 
Click here to purchase a reusable bag.  Supplies are limited!  Delivery ONLY to WILTON residents, sorry friends in other towns. You do not need to have a PayPal account to purchase - simply select "Pay with a Credit/Debit Card". 
Here are a few quick Earth Day tips 
  1. Make sure you have a reusable bag wherever you go. Need one? See below.
  2. Find ways to reduce food waste in your home to save money and resources such as making a grocery list and shopping your pantry. - check more of our tips here.
  3. Motivated to spring clean? Don't throw those old, ratty clothes and shoes away - recycle them! Click here to find a textile bin near you as well as other resources to recycle various items.
  4. Switch to one new reusable item in your home! Water bottle, dish towel, reusable napkin, containers for lunch and work.
  5. Sign up for a Home Energy Audit
Support Wilton Go Green
Wilton Go Green appreciates your consideration in making a donation to continue to support the work we do in our town and beyond. Click to donate.


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