Beginning Monday, May 17, Wilton High School Will No Longer Be Cohorting Students

Wilton High School principal Robert William O’Donnell announced that beginning Monday, May 17, WHS will no longer be cohorting students and will welcome 100% of students in grades 9-11 into school on a daily basis, although Wednesdays will remain remote learning days.  "Most seniors will be starting their senior interest projects on May 17 and will be in the building on a limited basis," says O'Donnell.

According to O'Donnell, COVID rates are currently low and many members of the community have been vaccinated. "I believe that with our continued effective mitigation measures we can safely welcome 100% of grades 9-11 into the building on a daily basis, with Wednesdays remaining remote.  I recognize that some students/families will continue to exercise their option to remain in full remote learning until the end of the year, but we will welcome any fully remote students back on-site beginning May 17."

WHS is planning for more students in most classrooms and is also planning for increased space for students during the lunch waves, according to O'Donnell.  These plans will be completed before May 17.

 Read O'Donnell's letter to WHS staff, students and families HERE.


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