Ancona's Life in a Bottle: Codey Sips and Chats About 2020 Field Recordings Tang Piquette (California Spritz)

Ancona's Life in a Bottle: What the heck is Piquette? 

This is a water-based fermented drink that originated in France during the great French wine blight of the 1800s. As history tells us: the French were thirsty, and they had to get a little crafty to get more mileage out of their wine grapes.  The wine is made almost like tea: macerating leftover grape skins into water to initiate fermentation and produce a dry, frothy, refreshing drink. 

While it’s no longer legal to produce Piquette in France—the style is coming into vogue with experimental and natural winemakers around the world. 

And we’re all about it. 

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Sale: $12.99

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Codey's notes: 

The Tang Piquette is a pure simplistic delight—light on its feet, frothy, crisp and mineral. Top notes of lemon skin, clementine, crushed seashells, and river stones are encrusted by a distinct cidre-eque earthiness…whispers of mushrooms, sous bois, and resin. No need to over analyze here though…this is a crisp, crunchy quaffer, weighing in around 7% ABV. Partner it up with: chicken wings, prawns, softshell crabs etc.


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