Town of Wilton Update Regarding In-person Access to Buildings and Comstock Community Center

Effective June 2nd, service delivery options for departments located in buildings on the Town of Wilton Campus are being expanded to allow in-person services and/or walk-in hours.  Instructions for each Town Campus building and the Comstock Community Center are detailed below.

We will continue to offer online, email, phone, Zoom and appointment-based services.  Many departments expanded online services during the pandemic. The following are examples of frequently used services available online:

  • All Town Clerk land records.
  • Dog license and license renewal application and payment. 
  • Transfer tickets and permits orders and payment.
  • Property tax payment with a no fee option.
  • Sign up to receive emailed property tax bills and reminders.
  • Fillable marriage license application.  Residents must still appear in-person, either inside or outside the Town Clerk’s office, to take the required oath.
  • Fillable temporary event permit, which may be emailed for approvals.  No more walking from department to department. 

Check the Town website for more fillable and easily emailed applications and forms.

Throughout the pandemic, we have followed the Governor’s executive orders and the guidance issued by CT DPH with good results.  We will continue to do so as we expand in-person services.  

Executive Order 12A empowers municipalities to implement building policies that work best for their municipality.  Wilton’s high vaccination rate, low case rate and the physical changes made within our municipal buildings allow for public access as follows.   

  • Fully vaccinated individuals, as defined by the CDC, may choose not to wear a mask or face covering inside municipal buildings. Individuals not vaccinated, but exempt from mask wearing under Executive Order 12A, may also choose not to wear a mask or face covering. 
  • Any individual, who is vaccinated or exempt, and is expected to be inside a municipal building for more than 10 minutes, will be required to show proof of vaccination or exemption from mask/face cover wearing.  
  • Visitors who are expected to be in the building for more than 10 minutes are required to complete a screening form. 
  • Residents should expect there will be other occupants in the building who are unable to be vaccinated because of existing medical conditions.  We ask residents to be respectful, if asked to wear a mask or face covering for the benefit of a medically compromised occupant of the building. 
  • Visitors to municipal buildings may request in-person services be provided outside the building.  Every effort will be made to meet those requests.  To facilitate such, additional tables and chairs are being placed outside municipal buildings. 
  • No occupants should make any assumptions about an individual’s vaccination status based on their wearing a mask or face covering. 

Accessing Town Campus Buildings and Services:

Appointments, remote services and the use of the drop boxes continue to be encouraged for the most efficient service.  

Town Hall

  • Town Clerk Services

        Walk-In:  Use only the new entrance on the Fire Headquarters’ side of Town Hall.  Individuals with issues with mobility that make it difficult for them to come into the building should contact the Town Clerk’s office to request car side service or alternate access.

        Drop box: Use the drop box in the vestibule entrance at the back of Town Hall.

        Online, Zoom, Appointment, Email and Phone available:  See Town website.

  • Assessor/Town Clerk/Registrar/First Selectwoman’s Office Services

       Walk-In and Drop box : Use the vestibule entrance at the back of Town Hall.

       Online, Zoom, Appointment, Email or Phone available:  See Town website.

       Since Registrar is a single staffed office, please call ahead. 

  • Human Resources/Finance/Information Services

        In-person: By appointment only

        Online, Zoom, Email and Phone also available:  See Town website.

Town Hall Annex

  • Building/Health/Planning & Zoning/Environmental Affairs/DPW

         Walk-In Hours:  Use the new side entrance to enter the new customer service area(Formerly meeting Room A.). Hours are from 8:00 a.m. to 10:00 a.m.  We continue to encourage use of drop boxes for more efficient service.

         Appointments for Permit Searches are available from 11:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m.

         Online, Email, Dropbox  and Phone are also available:  See Town website.  

         SeeClickFix should be used to report issues and work requests for roads, parks and other infrastructure.

Fire Headquarters

         Walk-in and Drop box: Use the main entrance. 

         Online, Zoom, Appointment, Email or Phone available:  See Town website.

Police Headquarters

         Walk-in: Use the main entrance.  Lobby open 24/7

         Fingerprinting:  By appointment only.

Accessing Comstock Community Center

  • Parks and Recreation

         Use the main entrance

         Note: CT DPH rules currently require wearing of mask/face coverings for camp and childcare staff and participants. 

  • Senior Center and Social Services

         Use the new Senior Center only entrance (to the right of the main entrance) or the lower-level entrance.            

  • Food Pantry

         Clients-Use the lower-level entrance.

         Donations-Place in the shed outside by the lower-level entrance.


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