Wilton is Blooming Again!

Wilton’s hanging flower baskets, that harbinger of the summer, are once again adorning the town’s lampposts.

This year, in particular, they offer bright spots of cheer for the town’s pandemic-weary residents. Elsewhere, and in anticipation of the Memorial Day Parade, the Wilton Garden Club cleaned up the many town gardens that it maintains and filled them with hundreds of flowering annuals. As the plants grow in size, their blooms will fill out the garden beds in a visual treat that gets better and better as the summer progresses.

As in past years, the flower baskets were funded through the generous donations by Wilton’s residents to the “Making Wilton Beautiful” initiative, a town beautification campaign spearheaded by the Wilton Garden Club. Funds from this initiative were also used to purchase the lighted snowflakes that sparkle from the lampposts during the holiday season. Valued help from Wilton’s Parks and Recreation Department in hanging the flower baskets, and the town in keeping the baskets watered on a daily basis, ensures a beautiful display of blooms all summer long.

Donations to the “Making Wilton Beautiful” campaign can be made through the Garden Club’s website at www.wiltongardenclub.org or by mailing a check payable to the Wilton Garden Club to P.O. Box 121, Wilton, CT 06897.


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