Meet Your Local Humming Homes Team

Earlier this summer, we introduced you to two incredible techpreneurs Adeel Mallick and Kyle Carnes, the founders of Humming Homes, a technology-driven home service platform for home maintenance and improvement..

Here, we want to introduce you to a few more members of the Humming Homes, Home Management team - a Home Coordinator, Local Expert, and pre-vetted Vendor Network. Couple these resources with Humming Homes proprietary app and - voila! Your home will be humming so you have more time to celebrate life with the people you love!

Adeel Mallick, the CEO of Humming Homes explains, "Your Humming Homes team is perfectly equipped to handle all of your home service needs. Humming Homes pairs each homeowner with a vetted team of home specialists and local experts. We wanted to take some time to introduce you to a set of Humming Homes team members."

First things first, meet your Home Coordinator, Halie. With a background in home operations and customer service, Hallie is able to triage issues, coordinate with vendors, and provide consistent updates. What's more, Malick says, "She, alongside her support team, can guarantee fantastic around-the-clock customer experience."

Next, meet your Local Expert, John. As a local in your area with 20+ years of home service trades experience (HVAC, electrical, carpentry, etc.) he will help physically onboard your home, help diagnose issues and provide recommendations & guidance around vendor selection and pricing. “In most cases, there isn’t much John hasn’t seen — he's seen it all," says Mallick. John serves as one of dozens of home service experts that Humming Homes has built a unique marketplace for.

Finally, meet your pre-vetted Vendor Network. "We work very carefully in each region to partner with a robust subset of service pros, who go through our 3-step vetting process, and training on the Humming Homes — which means you don’t have to worry about whether quality or if not you’re getting a fair price. Our goal is to work with the best of the best in each of our home service categories, guaranteeing price savings and high-quality outcomes by working with service providers from our network," says Mallick.

And now, meet Humming Homes proprietary mobile app. The app allows you to communicate, pay invoices, and submit project requests — all with the push of a button.

"The Humming Homes team is meant to support homeowners with experts, saving the average homeowner over 20 hours of time per month, and over thousands of dollars in expensive mistakes, frustrating vendor hires, and limited project oversight," says Mallick.

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