Fairfield Area Students Find Flexible Summer Work with QuadJobs

As the first official day of summer approaches, students returning to Fairfield and surrounding neighborhoods have summer employment on their minds.  Lining up summer internships and steady employment can be critical when it comes time to find a job after graduation.  Not to mention, students need to make and save money.  For thousands of college students coming home to Fairfield this summer from colleges across the country, QuadJobs—the online hub for college students looking for local jobs—will be their answer.

Fairfield resident Seth Henriquez is home from his freshman year at Allegheny and has posted jobs such as technology game-based learning to kids for Minecraft and dog sitting, among others, that offer him ways to use his talents and interests to earn cash over the summer.  

“We’re seeing an influx of summer job posts on the site from local employers, even more than last summer,” said co-founder Andra Newman.  “Camps, local businesses, and families with summer babysitting needs have been posting giving students a variety of job and networking opportunities."  

Launched in 2014 by three Connecticut residents, QuadJobs.com is a rapidly expanding platform connecting college students with local jobs—everything from babysitting to internships, dog walking to party help. 

“No job is too big or small for QuadJobs,” explains co-founder and CEO Betsy O’Reilly.  “College students value jobs that they can fit into any free time they have in their schedules.  This holds true in the summer months, when students may have an internship or travel plans — but need to make money, too.  Flexible jobs are key, and for students returning to Fairfield, we have those jobs.” 

Based on last summer, O’Reilly and Newman expect a surge on both sides of the marketplace during the warmer months ahead.  “We have thousands of students from colleges in every state, all looking for opportunities,” Newman said.  “Last summer, the number of jobs in Fairfield and Westchester Counties quadrupled.  The excitement on both sides of the market exceeded our expectations.”

“I used QuadJobs nonstop to find work,” said Isabella Crawford, Boston College Class of 2019, describing her summer experience.  “It’s a tremendous resource for students to be able to find jobs that fit their schedules.”

Students home for the summer simply need to switch to their home address in order to see all that’s available.

Employers pay $35/ year for unlimited posts on QuadJobs, or they can opt for a single post for $7.  QuadJobs is free to all college and graduate students.  94% of jobs posted receive at least two applicants within 24 hours, and most receive many more. 

QuadJobs tracks every job a student takes, and gathers performance reviews.  This ‘JobGPA’ is visible when a student applies to a job, and a useful tool for employers. 

Babysitting and household help – with jobs ranging from moving a couch to gardening to organizing photos into albums – remain the main category of jobs on the site, but O’Reilly notes that local businesses are gaining ground each week.  “In large part, we built our own business using an incredible pool of local college talent on a project basis.  QuadJobs gives local businesses access to a extremely capable workforce that is otherwise hard to reach.”

For more information, please go to www.quadjobs.com or contact Andra Newman at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or 203-622-1080.


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