Bruce Bennett reseases statement: Danbury Titans cease operations

Danbury Titans Cease Operations

In a press release today, the Danbury Titans owner, Bruce Bennett announced that the organization will cease all operations after two seasons, effective immediately.

The following statement is from owner Bruce Bennett:

 It is with a heavy heart that this decision had to be made. When I started the Titans franchise I wanted to set an example for everyone in our league to follow. Over the last two seasons we have earned the respect and admiration of those from around the hockey world. I felt like this could be a long-term venture with a lot of success. Despite the fact we never won a championship, I was extremely proud of my players and their commitment not only on the ice but also off. I know the Titans have had a major impact on our community that will be missed. Despite all of this, tough decisions had to be made. After reassessing the cost of workers' compensation insurance in the State of Connecticut I decided this was not financially feasible for an organization like mine. Last season's injury list was long. Because of this, I refuse to allow my staff and players on the ice without proper medical coverage. I have been working hard over the last few months to find a solution. Despite working up to the last possible second a solution could not be found. I do not feel comfortable jeopardizing the safety of my players and staff with improper or no insurance.

I want to thank all of the players, staff, and volunteers who have helped out the Titan organization over the last two seasons. I cannot express how much I appreciate the passion, dedication, and hard work that you poured into this team.

To our sponsors who supported us, we would not have existed without you. You believed in us and provided amazing opportunities for growth. I only hope that we were able to return the favor to you. Thank you for your support.

To our Booster Club and fans, I can't thank you enough. The backbone of any sports franchise is their fan base. You were the most passionate and supportive in the league by far. I only wish I could have fulfilled our dream of bringing another championship to Danbury. The love and support you gave to my family and I during these past two years will never be forgotten.

In the near future, I will be appearing on i95 radio to further discuss some of the details of this decision. Thank you again to everyone for your support.

Tickets holders and sponsors who put down deposits with the Titans will be contacted promptly regarding refunds. The Titans organization would like to thank everyone for their support. 


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