Full STEAM Ahead at Miller Driscoll

Over 80 students showcased their work at the 4th annual steam fair held at Miller-Driscoll

Students were invited to display their work in one of two categories – Counting Collections or Inventions and Models. As well as the traditional science fair board model, students were encouraged to express their thinking through art or to use technology to showcase their ideas.

Along with the exploding volcanos, there were modern ideas about how to help giant pandas survive when their bamboo food source is endangered.  There were traditional ideas about the states of matter and how flowers grow, to more futuristic ideas about how to jet pack around the world and how to transport things to a parallel dimension.  Many things were counted, from shells and rocks to birthday candles and leprechauns.

‘It is fun to see the imagination and inventiveness of the children, and to hear how much they know about their projects’ said Mrs. Connell, Curriculum coach at Miller-Driscoll and passionate science educator.

Principal Coon and Superintendent Smith also attended the fair and had a great time learning from the scientists and engineers of the future.


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