Wilton HazWaste Collection Day on October 12 at Miller-Driscoll School

Wilton’s Collection is held on Saturday, October 12, 2019 at Miller-Driscoll School on Wolfpit Road. The Collection is free to Wilton Residents 9:00 a.m. - 1:00 p.m.

What Are Household HazWaste Products?

There are four basic types: substances that are toxic, ignitable, reactive or corrosive. Check label for warnings. The best way to dispose of these products is to use them up according to the manufacturer’s instructions. If you no longer want them, bring them to a collection station. DO NOT pour them down the drain or onto the ground, bury them or throw them in the trash. These materials can contaminate groundwater and cause health and environmental problems.

What To Bring?

CLEANERS: disinfectants; bleach; ammonia; cleaners for windows, drains, ovens, toilets, rugs, and upholstery; all-purpose cleaners; polishes for furniture, brass and silver; spot cleaners and removers.

PESTICIDES: moth balls, rodent poisons, ant wasp, roach spray, slug baits, insecticides, herbicides, fungicides, flea powder or sprays, pest strips. AUTO waxes, polishes, antifreeze, engine degreasers, brake fluid.

PRODUCTS: gasoline, kerosene. COSMETICS: nail polish remover, hair dyes, hair sprays.

MISC: swimming pool chemicals, rust preventative, asphalt/roofing sealer, aerosol spray paint, boat paint, automotive paint

What Not To Bring?

House Paint and Stain (visit www.paintcare.org for recycling locations) Asbestos, Materials containing PCB’s (contact DEEP; 860-424-3023) Motor oil or Car Batteries (Call an automotive parts store for recycling options) Radioactive Materials (Return smoke detectors to manufacturer) Explosives or ammunition; medicines, medical or biological wastes; gas or propane cylinders; electronics, unlabeled products; empty containers and paint cans.


 Whenever possible, bring materials in their original containers.

 Make sure all containers are labeled.

 Do not mix different products together in one container. Some of them may react violently with each other.

 Pack containers upright in their original container, tightly sealed. Place in a sturdy box filled with absorbent materials or newspapers to prevent breakage or leakage. Leaking containers should be overpacked into larger containers that are filled with kitty litter.

 Bring rags or towels in your vehicle to clean up any spills.

 If a leak or spill should occur en route to the site, stop the car, wipe up the substance or open the windows to vent fumes.

 Please leave your children and pets at home.  Do not smoke while transporting the waste to the collection site.


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