Today, about 2,800 Wilton residents aged 55 to 64 became eligible to receive the vaccine

Today, approximately 2,800 Wilton residents aged 55 to 64 became eligible to receive the vaccine. In addition, in-person education and childcare workers became eligible today.

Last week, following the Governor’s announcement of the new vaccine distribution schedule,  CT DPH instructed local health directors to proceed with all previously scheduled vaccine clinics during March.  But, any newly scheduled first dose clinics in March must be dedicated to vaccinating in-person education and childcare workers. 

Accordingly, this month Wilton’s Health Department will hold our two previously scheduled clinics. Any new first doses received during March will be restricted to in-person education and childcare workers.  

In-person education and childcare workers are not limited to municipal or state sponsored dedicated clinics. They are also eligible to receive vaccines from any general population provider.

Any vaccine eligible Wilton resident may request to be on our vaccine waitlist.  As noted on the request page, any requests from residents who are ineligible at the time of request are discarded.

Statewide, approximately 610,000 residents became newly eligible today.  When setting the vaccine distribution schedule, the Governor’s team assumed only 60% of those newly eligible or 366,000 residents, will choose to be vaccinated.   

The State has been allocated 131,000 first doses for this week, 30,000 of which are Johnson & Johnson (J&J). Next week, CT DPH does not expect to receive such a large number of J&J vaccines. 

Doing the math, it will require more than 3 weeks for the 366,000 expected residents to receive their first dose of the vaccine, as some previously eligible 65 and up residents are still receiving first doses this week.  If residents choose vaccination at a rate higher than 60%, obviously it will take longer.  Please manage your expectations and that of your family members accordingly.

The Town’s Coronavirus Resources webpage contains helpful information, including links to schedule an appointment.  Some providers have their own online appointment portal.  Others are using the CDC vaccine appointment system, VAMS.  The State and some providers have phone numbers to call to schedule an appointment.  It may take several attempts to find an available appointment. 

How you schedule your appointment and where you schedule your appointment is your decision.

Please remember, even if you have received the vaccine, you must still wear a mask and maintain social distance.


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