Ancona's Flash Sale Monday: San Venanzio Fortunato Prosecco Treviso

San Venanzio Fortunato Prosecco Treviso - you have 24 hours to shop it, once the 24 hours pass, the offer is gone!

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Flash Sale Price: $12.99 regardless of quantity

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Let's celebrate this Flash Sale Monday with some bubbly! San Venanzio Fortunato Prosecco Treviso is the ideal partner for fun summer times- fruit-forward, floral, easy to drink, totally approachable and beyond delicious.

Located in the heart of the prosecco hills in Valdobbiadene, Terre di San Venanzio Fortunato is named after one of the most illustrious characters of Valdobbiadene, Venanzio Onorio Clemenziano Fortunato. Born in Valdobbiadene in the sixth century and later known as the Bishop of Poitiers, he was a poet, writer of hymns, and authored some highly regarded texts on the cultivation of vines and wine.

Like the bishop, the wines of Terre di San Venanzio Fortunato evoke ties to the special place that is Valdobbiadene. The splendid land, the centuries old traditions, and the “good fortune” of those who live and work in the region come to mind through a glass of their sparklers.

The winery produces a small, yet high-quality wine range of wines with production around 350,000 bottles per year. All of the grapes are hand-picked and immediately pressed to preserve the fragrance and aromas of the wine. No clarifying agents are used in the wines. Instead, they pour off and decant the wine (up to 8 times) to reach a naturally-clarified wine. And to ensure that they preserve the aromatic traits of the wine and are offering the freshest wine possible, they bottle small lots of wine each month. The result is a fresh, fragrant, floral and fruity wine, which ideally should be drunk within a year. 

My tasting notes: Pale lemon color.  Pear and green apple in the nose.  Grapefruit, peach, pear, caramelized lemon zest in the palate.  Medium acidity and body.  Nice and soft effervescence.  Pair with a Charcuterie board, cheese and fruit platters, seafood or light cream pasta dishes (lobster ravioli with a lemon cream sauce seems like the ideal here). The perfect little bubbly to reserve in the fridge to celebrate a pretty sunset and the end to a great day.  Enjoy!

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