Wilton Senior Center gets visit from RVNAhealth rehabilitation experts

RVNAhealth celebrated the start of autumn at the Wilton Senior Center as rehabilitation experts Gigi Weiss, MSPT, and Kate Campbell, DPT conducted an hour-long presentation for Wilton seniors, including individualized balance tests and fall assessments.
Falls are no joke and one fall can definitely lead to another. While the temptation is to lay low, slow down, and reduce activity, RVNAhealth has a better idea: go on the offensive, get your strongest, improve your balance, and live your life.
The RVNAhealth falls and balance presentation covered the statistics of falls; why fall risk increases with age; how to know if you’re at risk; strategies to prevent falls and reduce risk; and balance testing exercises. All in all, an hour well spent!
If you’re worried about your stability and risk of falling, we recommend a full physical therapy assessment as a next step. It’s an excellent way to pinpoint your areas of vulnerability, and receive guidance on addressing them.
Please note: you are eligible to receive this service through the State of CT Direct Access Benefit, which entitles all Connecticut residents to up to 6 physical therapy appointments without the requirement to get a Physician referral. It’s very easy to get started.
Below is a link to more information on the Direct Access benefit. We also invite you to contact us to discuss. Falls are serious and can be problematic, but they can also be managed and minimized with attention and conditioning. Click here to learn more about CT Direct Access Benefit.
To learn more or schedule a full physical therapy assessment to understand if you’re at risk for falls, click here or call 203-438-7862.
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