Storm Reminders from Town of Wilton

As with any storm, loss of electricity is possible. If you haven’t already done so, please make preparations.  If you are a new resident and don’t have a generator, please prepare for the possible loss of well water by filling a bathtub and purchasing potable water. 

Please call 911 to report emergencies and use SeeClickFix to report non-emergencies.  Please report downed trees through both 911 and SeeClickFix. 

Please sign up for e-alerts from the Police and the Town here.  Sign up for emergency calls here. Town communication occurs more frequently through the e-alert system as that system reaches more residents. 

Please sign up for service restoration notices from Eversource, Altice (Optimum) or Frontier.  Customer service information recently provided by the three companies is at the end of this message.

Eversource provided the following reminder on priorities prior to power restoration efforts. (Bold added for emphasis.) 

  • Clearing of Make Safe Blocked Road(s) (FPS2) is a public-safety priority for Eversource.
  •  Work to clear Make Safe Blocked Roads will commence as soon as it is safe to proceed following the passing of a storm system.
  • Clearing a Make Safe Blocked Road involves ensuring the lines that are down are de-energized and making temporary accommodations to remove wires or electrical equipment that are in the roadway. 
  • After all Make Safe Blocked Roads (FPS2) are cleared in your community, Eversource may move Make Safe resources to clear Make Safe Blocked Roads remaining in other communities. Moving a road-clearing crew out of a community after Make Safe Blocked Roads (FPS2) are eliminated will depend on the volume of Make Safe Blocked Roads in the state, as well as the type and volume of lesser priority roads in that community.
  • Once all Make Safe Blocked Roads (FPS2) are cleared across the system, Eversource will begin to clear electrical infrastructure from the remaining Blocked Roads and Partially Blocked Roads (FPS3) and address other priorities as outlined in Eversource’s ERP.

Additional reminders:

  • Once power restoration begins, it is prioritized based on critical facilities and outages with the highest number of customers.  Outage map and related information are available on Eversource’s website.   
  • Altice and Frontier restoration timeframes are often dependent on Eversource restoration.
  • Each company is responsible for the repair and restringing of their own lines.  Unfortunately, they are not required to coordinate restringing. 
  • Complaints about Eversource customer service can be made to the CT Public Utility Regulatory Authority (PURA).  Complaints about Altice or Frontier customer service can be made to the Federal Communication Commission (FCC). 

Extended outages are not expected, but if they do, information on indoor internet access centers will be made available.  Internet is accessible outside all municipal buildings and schools.  If school buildings lose power, only the exterior of Miller Driscoll will have internet.   The password is Warrior1.

Eversource:  https://www.eversource.com/content/ct-c/residential/outages

Altice:  Sign up for alerts through “my account” on their website.  Contact regarding issues as follows: 

  • Message Optimum at optimum.net/chat 
  • Send Tweet to @Optimumhelp 
  • Call us at (866) 950-3278  

Frontier:  “Frontier’s broadband routers are designed to reconnect automatically when electric power is restored following a power outage.  If service does not automatically reconnect after power restoration, we recommend that a customer first reboot/refresh their modem. They can do this by turning the modem’s power off for one minute and then turning the power back on.  If service remains out, other factors may be involved, and our 24-hour customer service is available at 1-800-239-4430 for residential customers or 1-800- 921-8102 for business customers.”


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