Wilton girls in grades 4th - 8th invited to join Ms President US!

Girls from the surrounding area in grades 4th to 8th are invited to join the Fall 2022 Ms President US program held in Wilton

The mission of Ms President US is to motivate and prepare girls to aim for the highest civic leadership positions and to know that they can achieve them.

Participating in Ms President US is more than just learning about the government. It’s finding your voice, learning how to be
confident, learning how to speak because you are going to have to speak in whatever you do," says Hersha, participant and mentor.

The program accomplishes this by introducing the girls to students and women who are leaders in their community, state, and on a national level. The girls then have a chance to interact with the leaders, and engage in activities that help them develop their own leadership skills. Each session is facilitated by high school girls who serve as mentors throughout the program.

Session topics include:

● Civic Leadership / Public Service
● Meet & Greet Local, State, and Federal Leaders
● Self-Confidence and Leadership
● Public Speaking & Debate
● Communications & Media
● State Capitol Visit

The program culminates in a campaign and election whereby participants have the opportunity to create their own campaign (or work on another participant's campaign) and run for “Ms President US” of their town. The winner is invited to appearances throughout the year, and
works with town leaders (announcing the start of races, giving speeches at events, etc.). There have been twenty-seven Ms President US winners to date.

The sessions begin September 30th with a combined workshop at the Ridgefield Library and run through March. All other sessions are held at the Comstock Community Center. In addition, there is a field trip to the State Capitol, and an Election.

To enroll or learn more, visit mspresidentus.org, select “Enroll” and choose your chapter. Enrollment fee is $250 and scholarships are available. 

Enrolled Girl Scouts can earn several patches and badges for participation in the Ms President US program. High school girls with leadership experience are encouraged to apply to be mentors. Visit the Mentor page of the website tolearn more.


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